A Being Is Haunting My Twin Sister? By DaisukiHaru

A Being Is Haunting My Twin Sister? By DaisukiHaru

I’m not quite sure how to start this but here’s what I have to say. My twin sister and I live in this really old house that our uncle gave to our mother and father when he passed away. We don’t know how old the house is, but here’s the basic layout. Mine and my sister’s room is on the second floor, while our mother and father sleep on the first floor a few doors away from the kitchen. Most of the things that happen here tend to happen around our room and on my sister’s half of the room.

My sister and I are both share the same room, being twins we have shared the same room all our lives. Sometimes at night she would wake up and ask if I was walking around her side of the room, I would say no and tell her to go back to sleep. That’s what happened almost every night since we moved into this house. My sister would wake up, complain about foot steps, and go back to sleep.

This is the part that scares me though, a little over a week ago I started waking up to my sister’s whimpering. When I wake up, I always see some black shadow hovering over her on her side of the bed (we share the same bed but we sleep about two to three feet away from one another) when I go to turn the lights on, it’s gone but when I turn the lights off it’s there again and it feels like it’s looking at me. You know the feeling you get when someone stares at you for a while? It feels like that, but sort of darker. Like you know it’s glaring at you.

My sister would always wake up in the morning and ask if it was me who kept touching her head in her sleep. I would tell her no, and she would just shrug it off. The worst part about this though is that she would wake up with scratch marks up and down her arms. Like you get when a cat scratches you, but more red.

I’m worried for her, because she keeps waking up hurt and it’s starting to scare her. She’s also acting different than she normally would, she isn’t eating very much and she always spaces out. If anyone could tell me what might be going on I would deeply appreciate it. Any advice would help on how to get this thing to leave my little sister alone.

Over the last few weeks I’ve tried smudging the house and a few other things as well. Nothing seems to work with making the thing that’s bothering my sister go away, it’s only made it worse. After my sister broke her arm we tried to have the maid that saw tell us with our parents. My sister still thinks she fell, but the maid said she was pushed. Neither of our parents will listen to us, though our grandmother believes us so we’ve moved in with her for a while thinking we would be safe but we were wrong.

The thing followed my sister, and it’s been even worse than before. Around 1 in the morning on Tuesday around two weeks ago my sister came running into the room screaming and crying about someone in the kitchen. She kept saying she was getting something to drink when there was a scratching sound on the back door. Our grandmother has a cat and he’s outside at random times so she said she thought the sound was from the cat. She told me that when she opened the door the cat ran in hissing and ran right up the stairs. While she went to shut the door she saw red almost orange eyes in the backyard, she said she thought it was a stray cat until she heard growling and then just disappeared. When she shut the door and turned back around she saw someone standing by the wall in the kitchen, she then told me that’s when she started to cry and run up to our room.

When she was done telling me what happened I went downstairs to check and see if anyone got inside, everything was where it should be and no one was inside the house other than us and our grandmother who was asleep in her room right down the hall from ours. When I got back into the room she was huddled up in the corner with the cat in her lap while it was hissing at the door, I went over to her and heard the door creak when I looked back over that same shadow that would stand over her side of the bed was there then it just disappeared.

We moved and have been busy with a number of things.

My sister’s been doing better in a way. She doesn’t wake up hurt anymore, though she doesn’t eat much of anything unless it’s apples or oranges. I still see that thing that bothered her from before though, I’ve been seeing it a lot more actually. She’s changed though, personality wise. She used to be happy and hyper active all the time. Ever since her arm healed she’s been quiet, more reserved. She’s bored almost all the time now, she hardly shows any emotion at school or around town. I asked her if something was wrong and all she said was “Nothing’s wrong. I’m just thinking is all.” She sounded so monotone when she said it.

She’s scared all of her teachers because it always looks like she’s glaring in class. One of our teachers quit saying that my sister was “Some possessed little monster child.”

So my question now is, is she really possessed? It doesn’t really seem like she is. But with her being so stoic about everything and the way she acts now I can’t help but think it. For the past few times I’ve seen that thing that stands over her side of the bed, it’s always leaning down near her head like it’s either waiting to scare her or talking to her. It’s got me worried about her. She still plays the violin and everything, and that’s really the only time she ever acts like her old self now. Our grandmother called in a priest and asked him to bless the house about a week ago. He told us he can’t do much else but pray and bless the house. He told us to call someone who was a demonologist just in case. So our grandmother did.

They took one step into the house and said that something was in the house and asked if anything had been happening. I told him everything that’s happened so far and when my sister came down stairs after our grandmother called her down she was holding a dog. Our grandmother asked her where she got the dog and she told us “Kadan gave it to me.” And just to clear things up for those who don’t know Kadan.

Kadan is the thing that’s bothered my sister. She gave it a name and rule. One knock for yes, two for no. The demonologist person asked if they could see the dog and she told him word for word “No, Kadan said that your evil. You would take him away from me, Kadan gave him to me so he’s mine.” The guy asked her a few questions after she said that though. “Who’s Kadan?” “Kadan is Kadan. What else would he be?” “Is Kadan a demon?” “I’m not supposed to tell anyone.” “Why not? Is he going to hurt you if you do?” “No he just doesn’t like you. He said you smell bad and your here to make him go away.”

They went on with the questions and when he asked my sister “Can you see what Kadan looks like?” She said yes and he asked her to tell him what he looked like. When he asked her that she looked at the stairs before she even answered him. She said that “Kadan has really long hair and it’s really dark. He has pretty eyes though and his clothing is funny.” The guy asked her if Kadan looked like he wasn’t human and she responded with “I’m not supposed to answer that either.” And she walked off up the stairs. The man said he didn’t know what to do since she wouldn’t really give any kind of answers that were helpful.

So now I’m wondering if anyone can answer to any of the things that I’ve posted with something that might help me get her back to normal or find out what’s going on.

hings became hectic, but I’ve been able to keep track of what’s been going on for the past few months.

About three months ago my sister started acting weird again, different than she was the last time. That dog that she said Kadan gave her when the demonologist came over never leaves her side. When one of my grandmother’s friends came over, she saw the dog and asked my sister what its name was.

“Oh my, what an odd dog. What’s his name dear?”


“Why would you name him that?”

“Kadan named him.”

“Who’s Kadan?”

“He’s a friend.”

“Oh? Where is he?”

“Standing on the stairs. He doesn’t like the cat. He said it’s mean to him.”

“Really now, well then. It’s nice to meet you Kadan. What’s wrong dear?”

“He doesn’t like you.”

“Why not? Did I offend him?”

“No, Kurai doesn’t like you either. That’s why he growled at you. Kadan said he would keep others away so I was safe.”

“Now dear, why doesn’t Kadan like me?”

“He doesn’t like a lot of people.” “But he likes you, doesn’t he? After all, he is your friend.”

When my grandmothers’ friend said that we heard a thump from the top of the stairs or somewhere near the top of the stairs. My sister went on to say, “Kadan never said why he was my friend. He only said he wanted me to listen to him and stay by Kurai.”

If Kadan keeps hurting her why would she say that Kadan gave Kurai to her to keep her safe? I’ve never heard it do anything other than growl at people and it’s always following my sister around. It even tried to bite me when I tried to wake her up when she fell asleep on the couch one night. I still see that shadow over her at night from time to time, though most time’s it’s always when that dog is awake. I guess my main question this time is what’s with the dog and her? Whenever something happens, that dog is always there in the room.

When my grandmother tried taking us to a church to talk to the priest there she refused to set foot inside just because Kadan and Kurai wouldn’t go in. So our grandmother went inside to talk to the priest while we waited outside. When she left though I asked my sister why she didn’t want to go in without Kurai or Kadan and she said that “Kadan doesn’t like it when he can’t be close enough to see me.” So when I told her she could just take Kurai in and ignore Kadan it felt like someone had tried to shove me and my sister said “Kadan said I can’t go in anyway because of the people inside.” And the only people inside were our grandmother and the priest.

When our grandmother came back with the priest she was holding Kurai and petting him, and the preist was frowning at the dog which both my grandmother and I found weird. He asked about her dog and she said that

“I’m not allowed to talk to you.”

He asked her why not and she said “Kadan doesn’t like you. So I can’t talk to you.”

She just left to the car after that. It was weird, and I’m worried. What pushed me and what’s up with my sister’s new dog?

A Being is Haunting My Twin Sister?

A Being is Haunting My Twin Sister? 2

A Being is Haunting My Twin Sister? 3

A Being Is Haunting My Twin Sister? 4


The First Ghost Of The New Hospital By KentH1123

The First Ghost Of The New Hospital By KentH1123

Last month I visited Japan again for an opening ceremony of a new hospital at Hokkaido. It was Chinese New Year and there were many visitors around, and there is a saying going, the more visitors the more accidents.

That night right after the party, 2 patrons were sent to our hospital, car accident… It was due to slippery road. The car lost control and spun 40 meters across the bus road and smashed on to a tour bus. Luckily there were no tourist inside or around the bus at the time, but the bus driver had his lower body crushed where the car had smashed. The driver of the car was an old man heading to a wedding ceremony, information from the police said that he stepped on the break too suddenly that the rear tire slipped. Very unfortunately, the car driver died immediately. That night the family of the car driver came over and we had to tell them the tragic news.

Meanwhile, the bus driver was rushed to do an immediate operation. We needed to observe him and decide whether or not to do another operation some days later when he awaken. We found that the bus driver’s family had not came over and we realized that he was living alone and had no family.

The bus driver did not wake for almost a week, his company’s coworkers and managers did visit but none of them stayed for too long since he was not “in a good shape”. The doctor decided to do another operation since the time is limited and they could not wait for him to decide, we had to think the best for any patrons.

The operation did not went well perfectly, from the doctor’s information, the patron was bleeding badly during the operation, and the health condition of him was not too good. The patron died at that evening making it the second death in our hospital.

That night when I went to tidy up the patron’s room for the next day’s use, I saw a person facing the wall mumbling to the wall. I tried to go and ask him who he was but I was stopped by a nurse whom had worked at the old hospital for years, she pulled me over and told me to never speak to “such people”. I suddenly realize that the person I saw looked just like the injured bus driver. I may have experienced the hospital’s first ghost story…

The First Ghost Of The New Hospital

My Night Attacks By juliet777

My Night Attacks By juliet777

I’ve had attacks all my life. As long as I could remember. It sort of became a part of my life I guess. These nightly attacks affected my everyday life. Sometimes I was too scared to go to sleep. I never told anyone. When an attack happened, I awoke suddenly, knowing the attack was going to occur, with something putting pressure on my whole body. It always made my head turn to the left. I would scream out my sister’s name and she would never wake, because it was just air coming out. I would try to fight it but couldn’t.

A couple years ago, it got physical at my friends. I could see a circle floating and it was bright red and then turned black. And it flew at me, and hit my chest. The attacks take so much energy, I fall asleep right after. When I awoke a few minutes later, I ran to the mirror. And a big red circle appeared where it had hit.

These past years I fight it off. The attacks happens when it wants to. My family says it’s stress and to forget about it. They always say that. I believe it may be something more. I feel someone with me all the time. I’m scared of seeing too much. I have so much life ahead of me, and having to think about this, it’s really affected my life. I break down after it happens, because it really frightens me.

There was even a 1 or 2 foot spirit that visited me once. It walked slowly towards me as I was napping. I could hear the feet sliding on the carpet. The covers were blocking my view to see what it was. But I kept breaking free from the pressure, and its grip. In my head, I told it that I wasn’t scared and that I would fight it. It walked out.

And to this day, I still don’t know what to think of that attack. Feels like they get worse as I grow. I need answers. Can anyone help me?

My Night Attacks

Grandma’s Birthday By Brittany The Strange

Grandma’s Birthday By Brittany The Strange

Let me start by saying me and my bestest life long friend are closer then sisters and we go to all of each others family events because that’s just how close we are, her family is like my family my family is like her family and a couple of years ago, my grandma passed away due to cancer and every year on her birthday, we bring flowers to her grave.

Last year it was very last minute (sorry grandma), it was about 11:30-midnight by the time I remembered that we forgot to bring flowers out to the cemetery and I stood up and said we have to bring flowers to grandma’s grave. Thank god walmart is open 24-7 and they don’t ever close the gates to the cemetery she’s buried in, because it’s in the middle of nowhere, pretty much. We went and bought flowers and headed out there, back then I had this big old 91 buick lesabre it was just a big ol’ boat of a car it was a total piece of crap and I mean that, those of you who know what they look like know that’s a pretty solid car, heavy doors, etc.

Right when we got to the gate of the cemetery, my friend started flipping out, screaming about a lady in a black robe with a pale face and dark sunken in eyes standing by the gate. I looked back and didn’t see anything, so I thought she might have just seen like the shadow of the car or something. We pulled up to my grandma’s headstone (it’s on the very end closest to the driveway) and my friend was like begging me just to bring the flowers out the next day, when it was light out, and I’m like, “well were already here and my car is a gas guzzler”, I said “whatever you saw is gone now and I don’t think it wants to hurt us, so I’ll be quick about it” (normally the cemetery has a very friendly vibe but not that night, that night I had a very uneasy feeling), I asked if she wanted to come and put the flowers on grandma’s grave with me and she said, “just tell grandma happy birthday from me”, that’s how I knew she was scared. Normally she would have came with me no matter what since this was like her grandma too.

So I finally got out of the car, flowers in hand, I left my car door open because I was a little freaked myself, I walked to my grandma’s grave set down the flowers and said “happy birthday grandma from the both of us”. Just as I stood and turned around, out of the corner of my eye I saw my car door slam shut, hard! My friend started screaming. No the car was not tilted, it was not on a hill and no, there was no wind that night, it was a perfect windless summer night.

I was in total shock that big ol Heavy car door couldn’t have shut by itself, no way, it took a very hard shove to shut it so there’s no way it could have just slammed shut like that! I froze, not knowing what to do, I couldn’t move! Finally I got the courage to make a mad dash for the car, I grabbed the door handle which was freezing, which didn’t make since because it was 80 degrees that night, I flung the car door open jumped in the car and threw it into drive (it was very cold in the car and my A/C didn’t work). My poor friend was pale as a ghost herself and she just kept screaming “go go go” she says she was just sitting there watching me and the door just slammed shut and the steering wheel shook a little so she started screaming, just as we were pulling out of the cemetery we saw a very dark shadow by the end gate so we hauled a– out of there and went straight home!

When we got home we told my mom what had happened and she said well maybe it was grandma’s way of telling you to get home! (because I didn’t have a driver’s license at the time… naughty me)

Grandma’s Birthday

Having My Baby Girl by LakotaWinyan

Having My Baby Girl by LakotaWinyan

Some background here: It’s Dec 5th, 2012. I was due to deliver my second baby girl yesterday via C-Section, with tubal ligation afterward. It wasn’t meant to be. I ended up coming down with a “cold” with coughing up phlegm. Turned out to develop into mild pneumonia, so I was prescribed antibiotics and an inhaler to break it up. I am to go back in tomorrow on the 6th to try again.

Last year, when my first daughter was born, I was placed into one heck of a haunted room.

They had just finished remodeling that part of the hospital and building onto it, to make it bigger, so they could take care of cases that they would otherwise have to send to a larger town to treat.

This hospital has been around since the early 1900s. We all know old buildings where lots of people die plus a remodeling equals activity! You would hear something heavy being dragged across the room, on wood flooring. Like a heavy metal desk or chair. The baby crib, when my daughter wasn’t in it, would move across the room. There was a woman who would pace around and look out the window. She would come toward my daughter and my daughter would cry for me to pick her up and hold her. Something would knock on the window. You could hear babies freaking out day and night. A couple nurses were spooked to be in the new labor ward.

One particularly jumpy nurse would come in long enough to do what was necessary and glance around the room. I said, “Relax. It’s okay. They’re just upset because things have changed. It’s like you suddenly coming home after work and finding all your furniture replaced and a couple walls knocked out, making a larger space. They won’t hurt you. They’re not angry, just confused and active.” She asked, “You can see and hear them too?”. I nodded. She gave a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, my daughter couldn’t stand being in her crib so I could sleep. Needless to say, I did not sleep the whole 3 days. My hubby offered to cleanse the hospital. When he described what all he would have to do, he was turned down. Word quickly spread. The nurses asked us what could be done. My hubby told them to get the hospital chaplain to bless the hospital. We were discharged that day and never went back to visit or check up on things.

Now onto yesterday. The activity has calmed down, however it is still going on. After my iv cath was inserted and taped down and all, it came unscrewed and I was leaking. I notified a nurse. She laughed and said, “maybe it was a ghost, huh?”. I said, “Yes, an old man.”. She quickly dropped her smile and went quiet. One of my favorite nurses, Amy, one of the sweetest, most caring women you will ever meet was on duty for me. This baby, she was going to get to help with delivery and cleanup. I was relieved!

She filled me in that the chaplain did not believe them when they asked him to bless the hospital, telling him about the goings on and he recommended they all get mental help. That caused 2 nurses to resign. 1 more retired. The nurses who are left have to double and triple shift.

Two of the nurses who have experienced the most activity took it upon themselves to get a vial of holy water from their church and went around and prayed for and sprinkled the whole Labor and NICU ward. That is why the activity has decreased. Instead of feeling mixed emotions, I felt peace. Even though that old man was feeling like playing with my IV, it was still peaceful. I was relieved, because I wasn’t feeling sadness, confusion and hearing the chatter of a lot of voices this time.

The baby’s pediatrician that would take care of her the moment she is born, walked into the room and greeted me. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I won’t see you until Thursday.” and patted my hand and left the room. I was perplexed. I just looked at my husband asking for answers with my eyes. At this point, the surgery was still on and planned to take place at 11:00.

As everything progressed, my health plummeted. My white count skyrocketed. The anesthesiologist kept pushing for it to take place. My OB was worried about my health. He ordered an X ray and CBC. He listened to my lungs. My right lung was the one affected. I described the pain as the feeling of pluracy. He knew it was the onset of pneumonia. I was bringing up a lot of nasties with spasmodic coughing.

I asked Amy if she knew why the pediatrician said she’d see me Thursday. She leaned over and said, “Tom, the ghost that hangs around this area told her. He watches out for the moms and babies up here. You know our policy to use the restroom with the door open so you can keep an eye on the baby? Well, whenever a mother shuts the door, he opens it wide. When the mother falls asleep with her baby in her bed, he sounds the call button. If the tv is left on, he shuts it off. If the mother is watching something he doesn’t approve of, he changes the station. Thinking it was a malfunction, they had electricians monitor everything, and replaced the tvs and it still happens. It’s just Tom making his rounds. He loosened your IV to tell us that you aren’t meant to go through this today.”

My OB listened well to both the pediatrician and Amy. He took my difficult breathing and coughing seriously. He took their warning seriously. He sent me home, with proper meds to get better within the time frame. He let me know there is actually a two week window, and the baby is up high and not even close to position, so he will allow me up to one week if that is what it will take for me to heal.

How I came down ill was taking my daughter to the ER Saturday morning. My OB warned me against going to the ER unless it was a genuine emergency, because it can be disaterous late in pregnancy. Well, my daughter was having a high fever and 2 febrile seizures within an hour. I had no choice but to wake my hubby, load our babies into the car and drive to the hospital.

I will answer questions and talk to anyone who comments, but it won’t be for a few days, unless this gets published by the time I am released from the hospital. I will be hospitalized for 7 days, to ensure I heal correctly and can then be up to taking care of my 2 year old son and 1 year old daughter too.

My love is with all of you YGSers.

Having My Baby Girl

The Farm Haunting By nattydreada

The Farm Haunting By nattydreada

The following account took place approximately June of 2002, on a farm west of Hurley, South Dakota.

I was 18, and had just began dating a girl I worked with, but there was a lot of driving involved for us to see each other. We lived better than 50 miles apart, and worked in a city in between us. To spare myself the commute, I decided to move to a farm outside of town with her uncle, who was a friend of mine.

It was more or less a shabby hobby farm, as nobody living there was working the surrounding land. The house was dirty and run down, and the living room would practically flood whenever it rained. I brought myself to deal with it so I could be closer to my girlfriend; besides, I was really only going to be there to sleep.

I had been there about a week, sleeping on the floor in what was pretty much the upstairs “living room” each night, because I never made time to clear all the junk out of what was supposed to be my room. Sleeping on the floor for this long proved to be more than my back wanted to tolerate. One night, around 11:00PM, I had had enough and decided to clear out the room, and move my things in. I was probably at this for 2-3 hours, and finally laid down in my newly remodeled room around 2 am to catch a few winks before I had to be up for a 35 mile drive and a long day at work.

I was awakened by the sounds of bootsteps coming up the stairs, and the hallway light being turned on. It startled me, because both the uncle and the homeowner were away for the week, and my girlfriend had no license, or means of transportation to get to the farm; especially at 2 something AM! I was home alone, and had shut all the lights off before going to bed. As the steps reached the top of the stairs, I squinted my eyes open just far enough to see the silhouette of a man leaning against one side of the doorframe, before closing them again. At this point I believe I have an intruder.

The new set up of my room included a long coffee table against the wall to my right, upon which laid a sword that I use in my study of Japanese martial arts. I made the decision that I’m going to explode out of bed, and simultaneously draw the sword and cut this guy down. I got my breath right, and the very instant I’m about to leap out of the bed, he starts talking to me… But his voice is directly next to my ear. This means in 2 seconds he crossed the hardwood floor to the back of the room without making a sound, knelt down in the 12 inches of space between my mattress and a smaller coffee table, and began speaking as though he had been there all along!

I, however, didn’t bother processing all of that fully, because I recognized the voice to be the uncle’s. At least I thought so at the time. His room was upstairs next to mine, and I figured he was home early, and on his way to bed had noticed what I had done to the room.

Even the next day I couldn’t have repeated our conversation verbatim, but I do remember the first thing he said to me was to the effect of, “I see you got the room all fixed up”, and “It looks really nice in here now.” We conversed about it for maybe a minute, then he said “Well, goodnight” and the hall light turned off after he left the room.

The next day I went about my routine, went to work, and hung out with my girlfriend for the rest of the night until around 10:00 PM, then went back to the farm to retire for the night. When I got there, I found all the lights on, and the uncle tooling around in the kitchen. He acted all surprised to see me; it was kind of strange. We hung out for an hour and a couple beers, when in the middle of conversation, I asked him about something he had said to me last night when we were talking in my room. He shot me a very confused look, and explained that he had just got back from his trip today, and only a few hours ago at that!

The flood of adrenaline that went through my body at that moment was almost crippling. Unless the “intruder” had bothered to lock the deadbolt as he left, and knew of some way to latch the door chain, and lock all the windows from the outside – I had spoken to a ghost.


Because I had no other place I could go, and because the encounter was relatively friendly, I stayed in the house for a few more weeks. I always had to know when someone else was going to be around though, because I refused to be there by myself! I guess I was always kind of waiting for something else to happen, but nothing ever did.

Then I woke up one morning and started down the stairs. As I came around the wall, and made the sharp left turn halfway down the staircase I caught, with both eyes wide open, the bare foot and leg of a woman, under a white gown, step quickly from the bottom step in front of me. I stopped in my tracks, because there should be no such woman, in any such clothing here right now!

I immediately thought it must be my girlfriend and started calling her name while heading the direction I saw her run. I realized something wasn’t quite right, because my girlfriend doesn’t wear gowns, dresses, or skirts, and she wasn’t responding as I called her name. I searched through all the rooms downstairs, and realized that the uncle and homeowner were both gone, and they were both single anyway. I braved the creepy, cobwebbed basement nobody ever goes into, I went back upstairs and searched those rooms, I even went outside and searched the property, the barn and sheds but there was nobody.

I left after that, and found my girlfriend at her house, waiting for me to show up. When I realized it wasn’t her I had seen, we went back, moved my things out, and I have never returned.

The Farm Haunting

The Small Pink Haunted House By rexxxy421

The Small Pink Haunted House By rexxxy421

The small pink haunted house was where my best friend, L, lived during high school. Their family bought some land 30 minutes outside of a “big” town in South Dakota. They bought many acres of land and on the land stood the small pink haunted house. They were building a big house on the opposite side of their land but decided to live in the small pink house to save money while the big house was being constructed. Even though, L, her mother (D) , and her younger sister (M) knew the little pink house was haunted.

L’s family is extremely sensitive to paranormal experiences. It seems like ghosts are “comfortable” around their souls because they are always encountering ghostly experiences. Many occurrences have happened in the pink house. The house has shown its spirits many times, in many ways. Although, I have not been there to witness many of the occurrences, I have experienced one that no one else saw…

It was midnight on Black Friday. (Black Friday is after Thanksgiving when there are many sales for Christmas.) L and I decided to drive separate because she was going to come back home and I was going to stay in town where I lived. The driveway to the small pink house wrapped around the entire house. (Imagine the number 6. Inside the circle is where the small pink house was and the actual number is the driveway.) Because the way the driveway was set up, the parked vehicles just pulled slightly off of the driveway. There was no actual place for parking cars. L’s car was parked to the right of the house and my car was parked to the left of the house. When I was walking down the wheel chair ramp to my car (the house’s previous tenant was wheelchair bound) I looked into her younger sisters, M’s, car and I saw someone sitting in the driver seat. I look away for a split second. But when I looked back, the individual sitting in the driver seat was gone. The individual who was in the driver seat was a young girl with long blonde hair. My eyes immediately teared up along with every hair on my body stood up as high as they could. By the reaction that occurred within my body, I just knew it couldn’t have been a human being.

Once I realized that I may have seen a ghost, I called L in panic. I did not want to scare her, for the drive back into town is quite long and dark. So on the phone, I asked her how long it would take for her to reverse and get onto the road. L could hear how anxious I was when I called her. She knew something was up by the tone of my voice and what I had asked her. As you can imagine, the drive was extremely long and frightful. I could not stop thinking about what I had just seen.

When we arrived at the mall in town, I got out of my car extremely fast and enter L’s passenger seat. I tell her what had just happened to me at her house. She then understood why my phone call was so strange when we were leaving her house. I described in detail what I saw in M’s car. We both came to the conclusion that it was a friend (named K) who had committed suicide a year or two prior. Although, I was only friends with K during elementary school, L was friends with her throughout middle school and the little time in high school before the tragic incident.

K has been to the small pink haunted house before her time ended. But K experienced something that no one had experienced in the small pink house. That story I will save for another time.

This was my first ghost experience that I can recall. But since then, I have had many more occurrences happen. Like I said, stories for another time.

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By the way

I know this isn’t the scariest story ever. But it gave me the creeps. I have had many experience since then and this story is still the one that gave me the weirdest chills up my back. It could be because L and I believe it to be a past friend.

Again, thank you for reading!

The Small Pink Haunted House