Forest Encounter By Artickpiggy

Forest Encounter By Artickpiggy

Forest Encounter

By Artickpiggy

My grandparents used to rent a house in a little mountain village for three months in the summer and I used to go there every summer since I was 5 until I was 14 with my sister, which is 7 years older than me, and my cousin which is 3 years younger than me. I really liked my time there so when I grew older this passion for the mountain stuck with me. I am now 26 and every summer I go hiking with my boyfriend. The trails we use to hike are sometimes very stiff and it’s just the two of us, surrounded by the mountain and the silence that covers everything. Sometimes we even camp half way if the climb is too long.

One day we were climbing a difficult one near a lake in Italy and I finished first, so I was waiting for my boyfriend at the end of the path, at the top of that mountain. It was beautiful there, butterflies flew on the flowers around me, and birds were chirping happily. I could see the whole lake surrounded by the forest. I like to sit in the silence of the mountain and watch the stunning view of the lake and watch the animals around me living their lives. It’s relaxing.

I was sitting there on a rock and, I don’t know how, but I felt something was in the woods behind me. Behind me there was a precipice not very deep though and the forest would cover the end of it and all around. I stood up and tried to see if there was something down there. That’s when I saw it (I still get shivers when I think about it) deep down there, there was a chamois, a beautiful one with long horns, I got excited because I rarely see one. I was looking at him from behind, his fur was light brown and he had a black line that went from the neck to the tail, but something was very wrong with it, that’s when I froze. His front legs looked like they didn’t end with a normal cloven hoof, but he had three fingers at the end of his front legs similar to a bird claw but not that sharp, the back legs seemed normal. I could see it cause he was walking very slowly and calmly through the vegetation. Then I noticed with great horror that his face seemed flat, no muzzle, I couldn’t look at him directly in the face but I couldn’t see his forehead and nose, what should have been there, just wasn’t. Thinking about it now I really wished I had seen his face, just to see how the eyes and mouth were organized.

He disappeared in the pine’s shadow and I was still there shocked when my boyfriend finally arrived. I told him what I saw and he didn’t believe me, he laughed. I know it’s not scary and it can even be funny if you think about it, a chamois with eagle leg and flat face. I thought about it all the time we were descending. It was so weird. At the end I told myself that I must have dreamed it even if I would love to know that I wasn’t the only one to see that thing. I like to think it was a Deity that took the form of a chamois.

There wasn’t any village at the mountain’s feet so I couldn’t ask if someone saw that too, or if someone knew nothing about a weird animal living in the forest.



Don’t Stay In The House Alone At Night By El

Don’t Stay In The House Alone At Night By El

Don’t Stay In The House Alone At Night

By El

I have seen and heard things in this house before but I’ve never been bothered by it because in my village I’m known as ” brave” so I’m embarrassed to admit I am terrified of what’s happening.

I know everyone that has lived in this house has stories about what they’ve seen. My uncle said he would see his grandpa sitting at the end of the bed, my little brother was staring at something with so much fear and tears in his eyes saying Do you see him? He standing right over there! Do you hear that it’s so loud? Everything seemed so harmless until recently.

I live home alone 5 days out of the week. It usually happens when one is alone.

Everyone in my family is scared of the attic door. We will double lock it go outside when we come back in it would be unlocked.

My room will perfectly clean when I leave but when I come back my room is trashed. It started really bothering me when I was watching tv I heard ” Hey there Elly”, I ignored it because I thought it was the tv until a few hours later I heard outside my bedroom door ” hey there Elly” again.

Last night I had my feet at the end of my bed, I felt something pushing on my feet I thought it was my cat because sometimes he sleeps on my feet until I felt hands gripping my feet making its way up my blanket, I sat up to look at my cat was on the other side of my bed.

I can’t sleep anymore after the recent fear of my bed shaking again, something touching me, the whispers and seeing the man standing in my room at night and the constant feeling of someone is next to you.

Since it’s starting to be more visible no one will let anyone be alone in this house at night.

I called my younger brother crying to please come and stay at my house for one night so I’m not alone and after that night he refused to leave me there another night alone. Before I end this story I also want to say if it is possibly a spirit I think it would be attached to this old picture I have of my great great grandpa.

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Active Childhood House, Still Going Strong By CuriousDee

Active Childhood House, Still Going Strong By CuriousDee

Active Childhood House, Still Going Strong

By CuriousDee

I grew up in an active house (I’m not a fan of the term haunted, probably because of the negative feedback after sharing with others). Many times the experiences happened to my mother and father. I’ve heard plenty from my parents, but also conversations where they didn’t know I was eavesdropping. I remember a few times waking up for no reason in the middle of the night and hearing my parents talk about the strange phenomenons.

One night, I woke up (I was about 7-8 years old) and after a few minutes of silence, heard my mother say to my father “Are you breathing on me?” After a few beats, my father said “I’m facing the other way”. I could hear the trepidation in my father’s voice. After a few beats, my mother responded “Oh.” It was awhile before I fell asleep. I knew what they were talking about. My mother had nicknamed our spirit “George” (I have no idea why).

Another night, same circumstances; My mother said “John, did you hear that?” My father, “Yea, what the hell was that?” My mother said “It sounded like it said Jesus.” My father said it sounded like it came from across the room. My mother agreed, saying it “It started from across the room and got louder as it got closer, then died out as it went past.” Nothing after that. Total silence. Not much sleep after that either.

I must add, it was common to hear footsteps emanating from my parents’ bedroom. Night or day, it didn’t matter. I remember coming home from school as a teenager and being the only one home before my younger brothers arrived. I would be watching TV, enjoying my freedom for a short time, and would hear those heavy footsteps crossing back and forth above the living room. I would mute the TV thinking it was the show, only to have the footsteps continue. Many times, I would run outside and sit on the porch, waiting for my brothers. It seemed more tolerable when you weren’t alone.

A few times, I became aggravated and would shout “Cut it out! Stop doing that!” and the steps would immediately stop. I have many more experiences to share, but thought I’d start somewhere. As a side note, my mother passed away 17 years ago, my father and brothers still live there. The activity still continues to this day. “George” is still going strong.

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A Friend In The Woods

A Friend In The Woods

A Friend In The Woods

I grew up in an old farm house in the country – off the highway and kind of in the middle of nowhere. It was the house my grandmother grew up in, and it stayed in the family since. I even had the same room she did. The house was surrounded by a big grassy yard, which was bordered by a wood – or small forest if you will – behind the house. The rest of the yard was surrounded by acres upon acres of fields which we didn’t farm, so we rented them to the neighbors who grew crops in them. But to understand this story you’re going to need a little background info about my Dad.

When my Dad was young he had an older brother named Danny. When Danny was young he had bright blonde hair – in fact he looked a lot like my brother did when he was younger. One day when Danny was 14 he went on a fishing trip to the Mississippi River with his dad (my Grandpa). My Dad didn’t get to go with them so he was left at home with my Grandma. He was playing outside in front of the house when my Grandpa got home: shaken and crying and yelling for my Grandma. While on the river, Danny had fallen out of the boat, and when he didn’t resurface my Grandpa had jumped in and tried to find him, but couldn’t. Danny had gotten caught in a current and drowned. Since then no one talked about him much. As in: I didn’t know my Dad had had a brother.

Flash forward to when I was around 4 or 5 – young enough to be considered a young child but old enough to be left alone to play outside – I would occupy my time by playing in the woods. I would spend hours and hours off in the wilderness, and come home when I heard one of my parents calling me back. After one such adventure my Mom asked me what I do in the woods for all that time. And I responded:

“I’m playing with the little blonde haired boy.”

While she may have been a little suspicious, she let it go thinking it’s completely normal for a child to have imaginary friends.

Then one day my Dad got out the film reel projector because my Grandma had brought over some photos of my Dad’s childhood to show us. Photos of when he and Danny were both young. We started flipping through the slide show, and all of a sudden I ran up to the wall pointing to the photo and said:

“That’s him! That’s my friend from the woods!”

To the astonishment of both my parents, I was pointing to a young Danny. My parents tried to correct me – this is when I found out about Danny – saying that was just my Dad’s older brother Danny. But I was adamant that the person in the photo was the same person I had come to know in the woods.

I don’t know if I pointed at Danny simply because he looked like my “imaginary friend” or if it truly was him I was playing with in the woods. I don’t remember playing in the woods – I suppose I may have been too young. But I do remember the slide show. All I know for sure is I used to have a lot of weird stuff happen at that house, and in my opinion, anything is possible.


10 Years Old And New House

10 Years Old And New House

10 Years Old And New House

My small contribution, which has led to some continued interest in the paranormal.

We moved house when I was 10. Bigger house, two story, built in the late 40’s IIRC. Early on I,at least, would hear my name called and it wasn’t my mom. (Went and asked.) My younger brother complained of seeing faces on the wall at night. The biggie occurred one early evening as I went up stairs to the second floor, the stair way left the main floor and went up to a landing, turned right and went up another 7-8 steps. At the top there was a hall with entrances to the bath, and my room on the left, entrances to my folks room and younger sister’s room on the right.

I was about half way up from the landing to 2nd floor level when something white and irregularly shaped came out of my folks room. It might have been an arm given the height but had no real shape aside from an irregular length. There was no one else from the family up stairs. I don’t think my feet touched the steps on the way back down, I went through the house to the TV room in the back of the first floor. I stopped next to my mom and she said, “you are just white.” I don’t remember if she said any more and I blurted out that an arm had come out of their (mom & dad’s) bedroom. To which my dad said,”Was it a man’s or woman’s arm?” I replied, “It was white!” I had never been so scared, never saw it again and when ever I went up stairs in the evening I had to screw up my courage and make sure the light in the up stairs hall was on. If the story ended here it probably wouldn’t mean much.

Many times we, as a family, would leave the house in the evening and my dad would see and complain that the attic light was left on by somebody. The attic stairs were accessed through a door in their bedroom BTW. One evening, as we were all called down stairs to get in the car and go somewhere, I made a point to be the last down. I turned off the attic light, which had a wall mounted toggle switch that wasn’t the least bit worn out, having a firm click. I joined the family and as we pulled in front of the house in the car, my dad complained that the light in the attic was on. It was, I looked for myself and reported to my dad that I had turned the light off before we left. The subject of ghosts came up, several times, but being a religious family, there was no further discussion. One of the times I was visiting town long after my folks had moved again I went by that house at night, the light was on.;)

Kittens By Pinka

Kittens By Pinka


By Pinka

This is my third story. I promised to share how my grand mother communicate with me through dreams and with that being said I will share the story how my grand mother was sent away to the light. If you’ve read my previous story (Loku Mama) I explained what kind of a person she was and how she passed. She passed away few years back in August.

In my story I mentioned that Loku Mama loved animals and conducted a children’s programme for the less fortunate children in her village (Keppetipola – UVA province, Sri Lanka) She conducted the programme in the estate that her father owned. She gave food and clothes to the Children and she absolutely loved and adored the children and the programme. Every Saturday morning there were more than 70 Children aged from 5-19 learning, singing and playing.

Me and Loku Mama was close, She called me Mimi. When she passed I was shattered. I stopped visiting the estate for months because I couldn’t control my emotions. There will be no Loku Mama to welcome me with hugs and kisses, No more walks and chit chats. No one to spoil us. That’s very sad. She was born as an Anglican but during her last years she followed Buddha’s teachings.

We Sri Lankans offer an alms giving for the diseased. This take place after 7 days of the burial / cremation and the second after 03 months and finally after a year. So when Loku mama passed I stopped visiting the estate for a long time. I didn’t participate to the alms giving either. At that time I was following a diploma in Colombo and was boarded in Dehiwala, Hill Street, Sri Lanka.

One night as I recall around 2.00 AM I was fast asleep after a tiring day at the institute. I remember it was raining and I had a light dinner because I was too tired. Around 2.00AM I heard a kitten meowing outside my room. (The typical boarding in SL is a room with an attached bathroom. There is no kitchen or a living/dining area). I love animals! Specially dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, horses and piglets! So I was awaken by the loud meow of a kitten. I knew it was a kitten because I heard the tiny “eeeeeuuw eeeeuww”. As an animal lover knowing how bad is the weather outside I rushed to the door and moments before opening the door the meow stopped I opened the door anyways. To my surprise there was no kitten. When I open the door there’s a small pathway which connects to the Hill Street. I stepped out and walked up to the road to see whether there is a soaking wet kitten. Couldn’t find a living soul and I honestly could not wait out for 2-3 minutes because it was pouring and cold. I came back shut the door and went to bed. About me; I need complete darkness to fall asleep.

So as soon as I switched off the light I heard the eeeuuww eeeuuww again, this time inside the room. As much as I love the fur balls hearing the kitten inside the room sent a chill in my back. I just lifted my head and looked around and to see there was a tiny kitten sitting on the lower left corner of the bed right next to my feet. Now I was in complete darkness and I see a black kitten on my bed with me. My first thought was when I opened the door the poor thing might have snuck inside while I walked the opposite direction looking for it. I was grateful to know that the kitten was safe. It must be cold and hungry. So I sat on the bed and switched on the side lamp to see the fur ball and to carry it and pet it and give it some warm milk. So I switched on the light and pooooof! No kitten to be found. I looked under the bed under the sheets in the bathroom in my cupboard. Not a trace. I was thinking to my self “Was I imagining things? Since I wanted to help the dear kitten so badly my mind must have played a trick on me. And it was past 2.00AM I must have dreamt it real quick coz I was too sleepy. So I shrugged it off and went to bed. No eeeuwws eeuwws anymore.

In my dreams I saw Loku Mama, smiling at me and knitting wool coats. She was seated on a huge chair next to a fire place. The room she was in looked comfy and warm with a mild light. It looked like a wooden cottage. Then the shocking part, have you seen the Harry Potter movie? And there’s an animated character called “Doby”? Loku Mama started to dress her coats to 100 of Dobby look like creatures. They were in a line and Loku mama would dress one by one and pat their head. It was so weird. Why creatures? This happened one week prior to her 03 months alms giving.

Next day I called my mom and told her what I saw. She’s an Anglican and she asked me to sprinkle salt around my bed and in front of the door before going to bed and I did. That day in the night I heard the kitten again outside and I didn’t move a muscle, After eeeuwwing for few minutes I heard it started to purr real loud. I didn’t feel threatened. I mean who would feel threatened by a small kitten? But I am scared of disappearing things. It ain’t my deal lol.

That night I saw Loku Mama in the same cottage handing not bread or cup cakes it looked like a big pulp of flour to a lot of Dobbys. I had enough. I knew she was trying to tell me something. My best guess was her children’s programme. She gave food and clothes to those native children. I woke up called my mom and asked whether anyone at the estate is continuing Loku Mamas programme. She said No.

Side Note: Loku Mama lived with my step grand father and their two children. My mothers half brother and half sister and with their families.

I told My mom that Loku Mama wants those children to be fed and clothed. I asked my mom to call my step grandfather (Loku Dada) and to arrange those kids to be present at her alms giving. She said she will make a call to Loku Dada and explain what I had seen and he will definitely arrange it. As I told you I didn’t participate to Loku Mama’s alms giving. Instead I brought few clothes + sweets (I only could afford for a small amount, I was not employed at that time) and visited the deaf and blind school in Rathmalana, Sri Lanka and handed what I brought to 4 children on my selection. I did it on the 03rd August on Loku Mama’s alms giving.

There was no strange dreams of her or eeeeuuwwass for months. In December I was back at home (Kandy). I was asleep and heard a kitten euuuwwwing. I was not scared like the first time coz I knew right away that Loku Mama’s trying to send a message. Please note that I still have not gone to the estate. In my dreams Loku Mama was pointing her finger at her dandelion field and said “Mimi, it belongs to you!” I could smell her oils and perfumes in my dreams, warmth of her smile.

In the morning I told my mother what I had seen, I am not a big fan of gardening Loku Mama knew it, so I had no clue why she pointed the flowers. As soon as I explained I saw a tear rolling down on my moms cheek. I asked why, she hugged and told me that she’s glad that loku mama is communicating with me and that the other day Loku dada have cleared the dandelion field to put up a green hut for “Bell peppers” While digging he have found some books that was buried by Loku Mama during the JVP riot in 1986/1987. Loku Mama knows how much I love to read and she wanted me to have her books. I asked my mom to grow dandelions around her grave.

Then the dreams stopped and again in 01st APril (Loku Mamas Birthday) I heard the kitten and this day It came on to my bed puuured and I felt it coiled up next to my feet, In my dreams I saw Loku Mama writing her diary and going through old photographs of her and ours, (She had big bag of photos which was not arranged in albums) The photos was scattered all over the place. Next morning I called Loku Dada and asked whether I can have the pictures to be arranged. I said I will make scrap books. He agreed. Like that Loku Mama contacted me through my dreams, Some dreams made no sense. In my dreams I can smell her perfume.

In my first story I mentioned that I moved to Colombo and met a guy and became friends with him and finally he’s the guy I’m going to marry (YeeeY) Before I moved in with him I used to live separately in a boarding close to his house. I occasionally get Loku mamas messages and was okay with it (Note that I visited the estate but I have not participated at any of her alms givings) and when the time passed the dreams stopped.

I started working as a secretary at MTD Walkers group I had to travel from Pannipitiya to Colpity 5 days a week, 34km up and down. After few months I was too tired and physically drained. I was tired and sleepy, agitated, Lost my appetite, My calves and shoulders started to hurt so bad, headaches. So my boyfriend took me to doctors, I was prescribed with pain killers, vitamins. I never recovered. I was so grumpy! I couldn’t concentrate and I resigned from work. My boyfriend and my family was worried about me because normally I am a very friendly, outgoing, chatty, funny person. By this time I could kill someone with my bare hands because I was in pain.

My boyfriend was fed up putting up with my grumpy butt and dragged me to the “dewalae”, it’s a place where most of the sri lankans go to get rid of bad spirits, to get gods (Hindu gods) help to achieve things, For exorcisms, to cure illnesses which cannot be cured by science. The head priest “Maniyo” is a middle aged lady (she’s the one who cleansed our house in kottawa in my first story). She examined me and asked me few questions.

Maniyo: Is there an old lady who passed away recently that you loved?

Me: Yes, (Grumpy)

Maniyo: Is that lady a Buddhist?

Me: No

Maniyo: Did she love you?

Me: I couldn’t control my emotions and started to wheep and said yes

Maniyo: Was she gone suddenly?

Me: yes

Maniyo: You couldn’t say good bye?

Me: No (Crying)

Maniyo: Is that your grand mother?

Me: Yes

Maniyo: did you know she has been around you since the day she passed?

Me: No (I literary looked around hoping I would see her)

Then the MManiyo explained my boy friend because I was not in a position to listen to what she says.

According to her Loku Mama never left my side she had been protecting me and communicating with me for almost 2 years. She traveled with me everywhere. Since I didn’t joined the alms giving she also stayed back with me. The purpose of the alms giving is to send the spirit / soul to the light. Normally the soul would stay in their homes. In this case Loku Mama was with me away from her home. Maniyo explained every night Loku Mama would sit next to me and rub my head, shoulders and calves because I was too tired from work (Explains the pains I had). She loved me a lot, I loved her even more. She just couldn’t leave me.

Maniyo said she’s staying with good intentions, to love and protect me, but without her knowing all the good things that is on my way get blocked because of her presence and she doesn’t know that. I will not succeed in life if I didn’t send her away to the light. Tho she loves me she’s a spirit and hanging with the dead is negative. Sadly I had to agree to do a ritual to send her away to the light. Soon after the ritual I felt light, I felt like a thick mist lift off from me. I felt empty. I hope she found the light and now she’s at a good place looking at me. I still see kittens but I don’t see Loku Mama in my dreams. After years this year I’ll be participating at her alms giving. I feed the less fortunate (Beggers) on her birthday and on Christmas. I feed stray animals twice a week. I try to honor her memory doing what she loved doing. I miss her a lot! Real love never dies! RIP Loku Mama, I love you ❤

P.S I know it’s too long. Thank you for reading:) STAY SAFE!


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Okay, That’s Weird By saboy

Okay, That’s Weird By saboy

Okay, That’s Weird

By saboy

Over the last 7 years, I (and some others around me) have experienced some strange goings-on. Each time I have thought, “Okay, that’s weird”, tried to find some rational explanation of what I’ve seen and/or heard and then I’ve forgotten about it in due course. Here is one such strange occurrence.

My wife, daughter and I were sitting down at the dinner table having dinner funnily enough, nothing unusual, talking about our day etc. My daughter is sitting at the head of the table and my wife is sitting opposite me, so my daughter is in between us. Behind me, about 2 meters away is a wire clothes dryer rack. On top of it is an empty wash basket.

As we are talking/eating my wife’s face changes to awe/fear and she nods her head towards something behind me. I turn around and see the wire clothes dryer gently shaking at first. Weird. As we both watch it, the shaking/wobbling gets more and more vigorous. My wife asks me “Are you seeing this?” I reply “Yep” not taking my eyes off it. The wire dryer shaking gets even more intense and then slowly starts to slow down until it stops completely.

We didn’t make a big thing out of it as we didn’t want to scare my daughter. Afterward I tried to recreate the wobble/shake that I saw, maybe one of the legs were stuck in a tile join and a truck driving outside the house caused the leg to come free and cause the wobble. Nope. I thought maybe the heater vent above it caused the wobble. Nope. I could not set off the wire dryer to do the the vigorous wobble/shake I saw without any outside intervention. The only way to recreate it was actually physically grabbing the wire dryer and shaking it.

I will try to add some more strange goings-on when I have time.