Is The Paranormal Making Us Ill? By Sylive_101

Is The Paranormal Making Us Ill? By Sylive_101

Is the Paranormal Making Us Ill?

A family of 3 from Brampton, Ontario experiencing unreasonable amount of physical pain, excruciating amount of random “burning”, highly severe migraines, sickness identified as physically “disabled”, and ESPECIALLY sudden negative relationship behaviors.

Like any other families we were never perfect previously, however, we were never as negative as the past 3-4 years. Our family is at the breaking point and I am afraid our relationship may also be at a no-return junction. What is the most obvious is how each time we try to resolve an issue; we are not capable of even responding to one another in a positive manner. It is as if, something is keeping us from being able to latterly “speak” to resolve and move on in a happy manner. It feels very wrong, not like the last 15 years. This type of phenomenon seems to be getting worse and worse. Each of our reactions and behavior seems to be getting highly “aggressive”?

I have been in the paranormal, Aliens, government conspiracies research since I am 13 years old with my father who was super healthy then strangely died from Alzheimer at the age of 65 years old. My father and I used to attend seminars and conferences in Montreal on all kinds of subjects related to paranormal research. Why now?

In 2016, while watching TV, I suddenly turned my head and witnessed a “black, very dark” shape of a head, shoulders and torso sitting on a corner chair of our living room. It lasted a few seconds, but I am certain I did see it. At the time, I did not feel any negative feelings; however, I know it was looking at me. Something is not quite right in this house. My son and I did hear (very close to our ears) the word “hey” at separate occasions, which one sounded like a “child-like” voice. Just recently, I was I was waken up by a strong “pocked” on my right! I also had other extremely personal experiences but with all due respect, I do not wish to or am permitted to share at this time.

A few years ago, a few houses down from ours, had a suicide. At the time, the new owners who took residence in that house came visit in our home as neighbors without us knowing, at the time, that there had been a suicide in their house.

Our faith is Catholic; however, with all the knowledge I have on the Aliens subject, it is very hard for me at this point, to believe everything we were told when we grow up in the 70’s about a higher power such as a “God”. I do realize this can complicate matters for us. Yes, I want to believe there is, however I feel extremely conflicted on that subject. Is this related to a negative entity in our house, perhaps of a worst nature which I refuse to say the name (because, I do not want to give it more power if it is of that nature) or is this simply paranoia from hearing all the conspiracies that truly exist in the world we live in, I do not know. All I know is that we are all pretty grounded individuals. But, regardless, I know that something is not right!

My most important concern is how we just recently sold the house. Before we go on to another establishment, we certainly do not want to bring with us an attachment “IF” this is the case. Again, I feel very conflicted. I wanted to perform some kind of blessing, cleansing of our house, but I know enough about paranormal “NOT” to start playing with anything that may actually make it worst if not perform properly and especially if we are conflicted with our fate. I also wanted to use technology instrument to try and tap into whatever may be around us, but again, I know enough about the paranormal not to try anything in case it makes it worst. I am really not sure what to do other than sharing our experiences with others and try to make some sense into what is happening to us?

If anyone can share any advice and/or be willing to assist us with what “may” be happening, please do not hesitate to contact us, any professional advice is highly welcome.

Thank you very much for reading and paying attention to our story.