Last month I visited Japan again for an opening ceremony of a new hospital at Hokkaido. It was Chinese New Year and there were many visitors around, and there is a saying going, the more visitors the more accidents.

That night right after the party, 2 patrons were sent to our hospital, car accident… It was due to slippery road. The car lost control and spun 40 meters across the bus road and smashed on to a tour bus. Luckily there were no tourist inside or around the bus at the time, but the bus driver had his lower body crushed where the car had smashed. The driver of the car was an old man heading to a wedding ceremony, information from the police said that he stepped on the break too suddenly that the rear tire slipped. Very unfortunately, the car driver died immediately. That night the family of the car driver came over and we had to tell them the tragic news.

Meanwhile, the bus driver was rushed to do an immediate operation. We needed to observe him and decide whether or not to do another operation some days later when he awaken. We found that the bus driver’s family had not came over and we realized that he was living alone and had no family.

The bus driver did not wake for almost a week, his company’s coworkers and managers did visit but none of them stayed for too long since he was not “in a good shape”. The doctor decided to do another operation since the time is limited and they could not wait for him to decide, we had to think the best for any patrons.

The operation did not went well perfectly, from the doctor’s information, the patron was bleeding badly during the operation, and the health condition of him was not too good. The patron died at that evening making it the second death in our hospital.

That night when I went to tidy up the patron’s room for the next day’s use, I saw a person facing the wall mumbling to the wall. I tried to go and ask him who he was but I was stopped by a nurse whom had worked at the old hospital for years, she pulled me over and told me to never speak to “such people”. I suddenly realize that the person I saw looked just like the injured bus driver. I may have experienced the hospital’s first ghost story…

The First Ghost Of The New Hospital