I’ve had attacks all my life. As long as I could remember. It sort of became a part of my life I guess. These nightly attacks affected my everyday life. Sometimes I was too scared to go to sleep. I never told anyone. When an attack happened, I awoke suddenly, knowing the attack was going to occur, with something putting pressure on my whole body. It always made my head turn to the left. I would scream out my sister’s name and she would never wake, because it was just air coming out. I would try to fight it but couldn’t.

A couple years ago, it got physical at my friends. I could see a circle floating and it was bright red and then turned black. And it flew at me, and hit my chest. The attacks take so much energy, I fall asleep right after. When I awoke a few minutes later, I ran to the mirror. And a big red circle appeared where it had hit.

These past years I fight it off. The attacks happens when it wants to. My family says it’s stress and to forget about it. They always say that. I believe it may be something more. I feel someone with me all the time. I’m scared of seeing too much. I have so much life ahead of me, and having to think about this, it’s really affected my life. I break down after it happens, because it really frightens me.

There was even a 1 or 2 foot spirit that visited me once. It walked slowly towards me as I was napping. I could hear the feet sliding on the carpet. The covers were blocking my view to see what it was. But I kept breaking free from the pressure, and its grip. In my head, I told it that I wasn’t scared and that I would fight it. It walked out.

And to this day, I still don’t know what to think of that attack. Feels like they get worse as I grow. I need answers. Can anyone help me?

My Night Attacks