Let me start by saying me and my bestest life long friend are closer then sisters and we go to all of each others family events because that’s just how close we are, her family is like my family my family is like her family and a couple of years ago, my grandma passed away due to cancer and every year on her birthday, we bring flowers to her grave.

Last year it was very last minute (sorry grandma), it was about 11:30-midnight by the time I remembered that we forgot to bring flowers out to the cemetery and I stood up and said we have to bring flowers to grandma’s grave. Thank god walmart is open 24-7 and they don’t ever close the gates to the cemetery she’s buried in, because it’s in the middle of nowhere, pretty much. We went and bought flowers and headed out there, back then I had this big old 91 buick lesabre it was just a big ol’ boat of a car it was a total piece of crap and I mean that, those of you who know what they look like know that’s a pretty solid car, heavy doors, etc.

Right when we got to the gate of the cemetery, my friend started flipping out, screaming about a lady in a black robe with a pale face and dark sunken in eyes standing by the gate. I looked back and didn’t see anything, so I thought she might have just seen like the shadow of the car or something. We pulled up to my grandma’s headstone (it’s on the very end closest to the driveway) and my friend was like begging me just to bring the flowers out the next day, when it was light out, and I’m like, “well were already here and my car is a gas guzzler”, I said “whatever you saw is gone now and I don’t think it wants to hurt us, so I’ll be quick about it” (normally the cemetery has a very friendly vibe but not that night, that night I had a very uneasy feeling), I asked if she wanted to come and put the flowers on grandma’s grave with me and she said, “just tell grandma happy birthday from me”, that’s how I knew she was scared. Normally she would have came with me no matter what since this was like her grandma too.

So I finally got out of the car, flowers in hand, I left my car door open because I was a little freaked myself, I walked to my grandma’s grave set down the flowers and said “happy birthday grandma from the both of us”. Just as I stood and turned around, out of the corner of my eye I saw my car door slam shut, hard! My friend started screaming. No the car was not tilted, it was not on a hill and no, there was no wind that night, it was a perfect windless summer night.

I was in total shock that big ol Heavy car door couldn’t have shut by itself, no way, it took a very hard shove to shut it so there’s no way it could have just slammed shut like that! I froze, not knowing what to do, I couldn’t move! Finally I got the courage to make a mad dash for the car, I grabbed the door handle which was freezing, which didn’t make since because it was 80 degrees that night, I flung the car door open jumped in the car and threw it into drive (it was very cold in the car and my A/C didn’t work). My poor friend was pale as a ghost herself and she just kept screaming “go go go” she says she was just sitting there watching me and the door just slammed shut and the steering wheel shook a little so she started screaming, just as we were pulling out of the cemetery we saw a very dark shadow by the end gate so we hauled a– out of there and went straight home!

When we got home we told my mom what had happened and she said well maybe it was grandma’s way of telling you to get home! (because I didn’t have a driver’s license at the time… naughty me)

Grandma’s Birthday