The Farm Haunting By nattydreada

The Farm Haunting By nattydreada

The following account took place approximately June of 2002, on a farm west of Hurley, South Dakota.

I was 18, and had just began dating a girl I worked with, but there was a lot of driving involved for us to see each other. We lived better than 50 miles apart, and worked in a city in between us. To spare myself the commute, I decided to move to a farm outside of town with her uncle, who was a friend of mine.

It was more or less a shabby hobby farm, as nobody living there was working the surrounding land. The house was dirty and run down, and the living room would practically flood whenever it rained. I brought myself to deal with it so I could be closer to my girlfriend; besides, I was really only going to be there to sleep.

I had been there about a week, sleeping on the floor in what was pretty much the upstairs “living room” each night, because I never made time to clear all the junk out of what was supposed to be my room. Sleeping on the floor for this long proved to be more than my back wanted to tolerate. One night, around 11:00PM, I had had enough and decided to clear out the room, and move my things in. I was probably at this for 2-3 hours, and finally laid down in my newly remodeled room around 2 am to catch a few winks before I had to be up for a 35 mile drive and a long day at work.

I was awakened by the sounds of bootsteps coming up the stairs, and the hallway light being turned on. It startled me, because both the uncle and the homeowner were away for the week, and my girlfriend had no license, or means of transportation to get to the farm; especially at 2 something AM! I was home alone, and had shut all the lights off before going to bed. As the steps reached the top of the stairs, I squinted my eyes open just far enough to see the silhouette of a man leaning against one side of the doorframe, before closing them again. At this point I believe I have an intruder.

The new set up of my room included a long coffee table against the wall to my right, upon which laid a sword that I use in my study of Japanese martial arts. I made the decision that I’m going to explode out of bed, and simultaneously draw the sword and cut this guy down. I got my breath right, and the very instant I’m about to leap out of the bed, he starts talking to me… But his voice is directly next to my ear. This means in 2 seconds he crossed the hardwood floor to the back of the room without making a sound, knelt down in the 12 inches of space between my mattress and a smaller coffee table, and began speaking as though he had been there all along!

I, however, didn’t bother processing all of that fully, because I recognized the voice to be the uncle’s. At least I thought so at the time. His room was upstairs next to mine, and I figured he was home early, and on his way to bed had noticed what I had done to the room.

Even the next day I couldn’t have repeated our conversation verbatim, but I do remember the first thing he said to me was to the effect of, “I see you got the room all fixed up”, and “It looks really nice in here now.” We conversed about it for maybe a minute, then he said “Well, goodnight” and the hall light turned off after he left the room.

The next day I went about my routine, went to work, and hung out with my girlfriend for the rest of the night until around 10:00 PM, then went back to the farm to retire for the night. When I got there, I found all the lights on, and the uncle tooling around in the kitchen. He acted all surprised to see me; it was kind of strange. We hung out for an hour and a couple beers, when in the middle of conversation, I asked him about something he had said to me last night when we were talking in my room. He shot me a very confused look, and explained that he had just got back from his trip today, and only a few hours ago at that!

The flood of adrenaline that went through my body at that moment was almost crippling. Unless the “intruder” had bothered to lock the deadbolt as he left, and knew of some way to latch the door chain, and lock all the windows from the outside – I had spoken to a ghost.


Because I had no other place I could go, and because the encounter was relatively friendly, I stayed in the house for a few more weeks. I always had to know when someone else was going to be around though, because I refused to be there by myself! I guess I was always kind of waiting for something else to happen, but nothing ever did.

Then I woke up one morning and started down the stairs. As I came around the wall, and made the sharp left turn halfway down the staircase I caught, with both eyes wide open, the bare foot and leg of a woman, under a white gown, step quickly from the bottom step in front of me. I stopped in my tracks, because there should be no such woman, in any such clothing here right now!

I immediately thought it must be my girlfriend and started calling her name while heading the direction I saw her run. I realized something wasn’t quite right, because my girlfriend doesn’t wear gowns, dresses, or skirts, and she wasn’t responding as I called her name. I searched through all the rooms downstairs, and realized that the uncle and homeowner were both gone, and they were both single anyway. I braved the creepy, cobwebbed basement nobody ever goes into, I went back upstairs and searched those rooms, I even went outside and searched the property, the barn and sheds but there was nobody.

I left after that, and found my girlfriend at her house, waiting for me to show up. When I realized it wasn’t her I had seen, we went back, moved my things out, and I have never returned.

The Farm Haunting


The Small Pink Haunted House By rexxxy421

The Small Pink Haunted House By rexxxy421

The small pink haunted house was where my best friend, L, lived during high school. Their family bought some land 30 minutes outside of a “big” town in South Dakota. They bought many acres of land and on the land stood the small pink haunted house. They were building a big house on the opposite side of their land but decided to live in the small pink house to save money while the big house was being constructed. Even though, L, her mother (D) , and her younger sister (M) knew the little pink house was haunted.

L’s family is extremely sensitive to paranormal experiences. It seems like ghosts are “comfortable” around their souls because they are always encountering ghostly experiences. Many occurrences have happened in the pink house. The house has shown its spirits many times, in many ways. Although, I have not been there to witness many of the occurrences, I have experienced one that no one else saw…

It was midnight on Black Friday. (Black Friday is after Thanksgiving when there are many sales for Christmas.) L and I decided to drive separate because she was going to come back home and I was going to stay in town where I lived. The driveway to the small pink house wrapped around the entire house. (Imagine the number 6. Inside the circle is where the small pink house was and the actual number is the driveway.) Because the way the driveway was set up, the parked vehicles just pulled slightly off of the driveway. There was no actual place for parking cars. L’s car was parked to the right of the house and my car was parked to the left of the house. When I was walking down the wheel chair ramp to my car (the house’s previous tenant was wheelchair bound) I looked into her younger sisters, M’s, car and I saw someone sitting in the driver seat. I look away for a split second. But when I looked back, the individual sitting in the driver seat was gone. The individual who was in the driver seat was a young girl with long blonde hair. My eyes immediately teared up along with every hair on my body stood up as high as they could. By the reaction that occurred within my body, I just knew it couldn’t have been a human being.

Once I realized that I may have seen a ghost, I called L in panic. I did not want to scare her, for the drive back into town is quite long and dark. So on the phone, I asked her how long it would take for her to reverse and get onto the road. L could hear how anxious I was when I called her. She knew something was up by the tone of my voice and what I had asked her. As you can imagine, the drive was extremely long and frightful. I could not stop thinking about what I had just seen.

When we arrived at the mall in town, I got out of my car extremely fast and enter L’s passenger seat. I tell her what had just happened to me at her house. She then understood why my phone call was so strange when we were leaving her house. I described in detail what I saw in M’s car. We both came to the conclusion that it was a friend (named K) who had committed suicide a year or two prior. Although, I was only friends with K during elementary school, L was friends with her throughout middle school and the little time in high school before the tragic incident.

K has been to the small pink haunted house before her time ended. But K experienced something that no one had experienced in the small pink house. That story I will save for another time.

This was my first ghost experience that I can recall. But since then, I have had many more occurrences happen. Like I said, stories for another time.

Thanks for reading!


By the way

I know this isn’t the scariest story ever. But it gave me the creeps. I have had many experience since then and this story is still the one that gave me the weirdest chills up my back. It could be because L and I believe it to be a past friend.

Again, thank you for reading!

The Small Pink Haunted House

Empty School’s Various Occurrences By Kindly_refrain

Empty School’s Various Occurrences By Kindly_refrain

Lorne Ave public school was an active primary school until June 2016. It is a largish three story building of 1960s vintage (or so). The school board closed the school due to declining enrollment, and sold the property to the City of London, last summer. It now languishes in limbo until a final decision can be made as to its future. While some organizations have made proposals for the building as is, it seems more and more likely that it will be demolished to make way for additional parkland in the area. In the meantime we keep the heat on and maintain the building in case a reasonable proposal is accepted for the building’s use.

I work on the maintenance team for the city of London and Lorne Ave public school is one of the buildings that I primarily look after. I go there daily to check on the heating, fire and electrical systems. There is also a 24/7 security presence as the school had been broken into twice before this and all of the extinguishers set off.

The security guards have reported various odd occurrences while there:

One guard heard footsteps in the first level hallway outside of the room they have made their base of operations. When he checked on this there was nobody attached to them. Shortly after the event the mobile security unit was checking in on the guard when the footsteps started again. The two guards went in opposite directions through the hallways and all three floors but could find no person in the building. This happened again the next day. By the way, all classrooms are locked, strictly limiting hiding spots for the corporeal.

Another guard heard girls singing together (like a small choir). He thought these sounds may have been coming from outside but it was 1:00 AM on a wintry night (to fend off the suggestion, this was both too late at night and in the year for carolers). He checked inside and outside and could find no normal reason for the sounds, which subsided after less than a minute.

A guard heard the voices of girls talking but again could not find a source.

One afternoon, while I was on the third floor, alone, I was walking from one mechanical room to another, down the school’s longest hallway. About 150 feet (two thirds of the way) down the hall I heard a fairly loud click beside my right ear and then whispering by two male voices for several seconds. It stopped me in my tracks. I knew I was alone up there and had a pretty good idea that what I heard was supernatural.

On another occasion I was doing mechanical checks in the building and invited the security guard to accompany me. I made no excuses as to why I asked him along and told him plainly that the place gave me the heebie jeebies. He like the idea as he then would have company on his rounds as he also had odd feelings about the place. On the landing between the second and third floors I suddenly became cold on my torso and arms. I said to the security guard, “do you feel” and that is all I got out because he said, word for word, what I was about to, “suddenly cold in your torso and arms”. We walked around on the large landing trying to walk in and out of the cold spot but could not find any warm area until we went up a couple of steps toward the third floor. When we returned to the landing, on our way back down, he confirmed my feeling of it now being warm and humid.

A few weeks ago I noticed a third floor window was open. There is absolutely no reason for a window to be open nor are there people around with access to the classrooms to do this. I asked the guards and they all denied even entering a classroom.

The door to the women’s washroom in the lower level is found open frequently. One of my fellow maintenance workers said he was in there flushing toilets (to keep the traps filled with water). When he left he said that he saw the door close behind him, as is normal. When he returned down this hallway a few minutes later the door was fully open with the door stop folded down. He closed it again and once again, a short time later, the door was open with the doorstop folded down. We leave this door open now. (I would understand better if he kept seeing the toilet seat lowered in the women’s washroom but that is a discussion for another forum.)

Coincidentally my daughter knows the person who was the last Charge Custodian of this school before it closed. She started mentioning that I had experienced a few things at the school. Before my daughter could fill in the story the custodian asked if we had had trouble with the women’s washroom door opening on its own and buzzing or whispering that could be heard in the third floor hallway.

While I didn’t doubt what I (we) experienced it is still affirming when you get corroboration by a third party, when it comes to supernatural occurrences.

Empty School’s Various Occurrences

My Possessed Lover! By brotcrow

My Possessed Lover! By brotcrow

Chennai, India: 14.04.2009

I was in my early twenties (now 31), and wished I had a girlfriend. My search for one, seemed like decades, started when I was 20 and was really lucky when I found one in early March 2008 (aged 23). I was so madly in love with her, that I wanted to be around her always (happens when you have fallen in love for the first time and newly committed). Every evening, I made it a point to take her for a drive and drop her off back home before dinner. Once such trip on 14th April 2009, turned disastrous for both of us. The reason I do not forget the date will become more evident when you read the events below.

After our usual drive, I dropped her back near her apartment (I ususally drop her 2 blocks before her apartment, as she did not want her parents to figure out about our relationship back then). After dropping her, I realized I left my ID card with her. So, I called her in less than 5 minutes to check if she reached home but her phone was not reachable. I thought, her phone might have died out on her. So I left home thinking how I will go to work the next morning. After 1 hour, when I tried to call her, it was still not reachable. Curious, I was glued to the screen of my phone until I got a message from her sister. The message was, ” Where are you guys? Mum is searching for my sister. Drop her off soon before you guys get caught”. I was shocked and confused as I dropped her by around 7 pm and it was almost 8:15 pm when I received the message.

Considering how unsafe it is in my neighborhood for women, I took my motorbike and started searching for her near the place where I dropped her and I was unsuccessful in finding her. I was very worried and guilty at the same time. I was wondering where she could have gone. I was just thinking about all the conversations we had during the day just to recollect my memory to locate her.

A few days before her sudden disappearance, she was mentioning something about she feeling eerie during the night before she goes to bed and it so happens that she wakes up every morning at 3:40 am (not exaggerating, she used to get up at that time because I was the recepient of her telephone calls at the exact same time every morning before she tries to go to bed again). This had been happening for quite some time now and it was bothering her very much. She said she always had the feeling that someone is there around her. And suddenly, I remembered a few conversations we had before I dropped her. She said, ” If only I had another chance to live, I would never be a girl”. Well, there is nothing alarming in that sentence (sometimes you hear girls say that when they are low/sad) but for some reason, it bothered me very much. I drove my motorbike in the exact same route we used to go for our daily drive. And in a deserted road, there she was, walking on the other side of the road. I was happy that I found her but was unsure how she came here. I turned my motorbike, went next to her and asked her to sit behind. She gave me slimy glare, screamed my ears off and pushed me from my bike. Things were becoming very strange as my girlfriend had a very slim voice. She can hardly be heard when she talks and this was completely new for me.

Surprised, I walked behind her and held her hand. OMG, what I saw that night was sheer evil. I could not see her eyelids. Yes. I say that again. I did not see her eyelids. It was just white. I still cannot believe that. Scared to death, I ran back towards my bike and she started walking towards me and slowly picking up speed. And then something struck me, “If she is really my girlfriend, she is in trouble and I need to help her”. I started shouting for help and running. That’s when she started sprinting towards me. She lifted me up like a wrestler and tossed me on the road. (I was 74 Kgs back then and she was hardly 50Kg) Hearing me shout, a few people came running from a nearby house and tried to stop her. It took, 6 people to stop her advancing towards me. I immediately knew that I had to call her parents and tell them about this situation.

Her parents came there soon, but my girl cannot be controlled. And that’s when, a priest from a nearby temple, who happened to be around at that time said she has been possessed and we need to contact someone who can help us in containing its strength. I immediately narrated the few conversations related to her getting up at 3:40 am every morning to her sister who passed on the information to her parents.

Her parents were stanch believers in god and immediately called someone and took her out of town to a village in Kerala (state in India) called Chotanikora (supposed to be a place to cleanse the possessed). After a week, I heard back from her sister that she is back in town and is under house arrest as her parents are around her always. Then she narrated the story.

My girlfriend was possessed by the spirit of a girl who was poisoned by her lover suspecting her of cheating on him and her vengeful spirit wanted to punish him. Since I stopped her from doing it, the spirit thought I was offending it and wanted to harm me. I just could not imagine what would have happened to me if the neighbors did not stop it or What would have happened to my girl, if I had not stopped her from punishing the spirit’s lover. Either way I was shocked.

However, My girlfriend (my wife now) recovered soon and does not remember anything that happened to her and we all took an oath to hide it from her. She has been happy as always and we have two kids now. We watch horror movies now and then, while I constantly get myself shiatscared, she handles these with much ease. She even makes fun of me for getting scared and thinking that ghosts are real!

Well they were real in my case and I know it.

My Possessed Lover!