Latest Update

Latest Update

I am a thirty-six-year-old who has been writing all their life and being about to do so means I have a creative mind. However, when it comes to writing about the paranormal world in which I have been writing for months now, I have had to use a very logical mind and determine the truth of the situation. This means Just because one website says one thing about the subject doesn’t mean it’s true. This also means I am required to do a lot of research on the facts of the case and then present you the reader’s and also ask that if you find that the facts are fake or incorrect please let me know I will look into the facts again and post a new updated post in regards to the facts.

I also want to explain that research more than just paranormal items I try my hardest to come up with some interesting stories, articles, and other such info. I try to create unique and interesting posts. If you have requests please feel free leave comments below or on my YouTube channel.

I hope you have been enjoying everything I have posted so far. Please keep the comments coming I will keep posting.


Also, sorry for the long wait between posts I should be updating more often.


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