Looking for Ghost Hunt Podfic

I am looking for some new podfics that i can seem to find. The fact is that I am not able to find any and I have spent months searching. Ghost Hunt is one of my favorites and I have read almost as many fanfictions for Ghost Hunt as I have for Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, and Sailor Moon combined.  So I like listening to podfics such as Babylon, a FMA podfic/fanfiction, Read By Miss Opalsong, or Bitten, a Black Butler podfic/fanfiction, Read By Miss Rhea314, is wonderful. However with the help of a few of my friends I have yet to be able to find any Ghost Hunt Podfic. I hope someone out there could possibly help me out and point me in the right direction. Other wise I will have to look into just reading them very slowly, however the other reason I enjoy the podfics is because when I am not able to read them or am doing other activities i am able to listen and hear the stories as I did when I could still see them. I only read and listen to fanfictions that I have seen the manga/anime for so I don’t mistake the fanfiction for the real thing. Also I prefer to not do crossovers. There have been a few and I do mean a few exceptions to that but its very rare that I do so, because its difficult to do it in a good way that can help make the characters for both series very clear in their positions. But as I said its my choice in. I have one finally preference for those who are posting comments, I don’t like to listen to podfics for a fanfiction that isn’t complete. Thanks to anyone who can help me getting going in the right direction.


For those of you don’t know a Podfic is a audio fanfiction or audio recording of someone reading either a fanfiction or book. Most call the ones of actual books audio books so the term Podfic has been listed under fanfiction exclusively. If you can help me out I would be very grateful.