The Disappearance of Owen Parfitt

The Disappearance of Owen Parfitt

Owen Parfitt, from Shepton Mallet, is a strange disappearance indeed. However, there is much information that must be presented here before we talk about the mysterious disappearance of this man. He was wild child who love to do all the naughty things young men did in that time and he would spend much of his older life recounting his ‘wild’ tales of his youth. He would do this anyone who would give him the time of day. However, old age had left near enough disabled and unable to care for himself. The locals believed this to be penance for you wild youth.

He often bragged about being with pirates, and of course his escapades with young women with tales that would make the sailors of his day blush with shame.  Most people paid little mind to his ramblings believing he was not all right in the head and forgetting some things or making most of it up. His disability left him no choice but to rely on his sister to help thought each day for even the simplest of tasks. Both him and his sister were well known in the area and for the most part fairly well liked.

The day he vanished, June of 1763, Parfitt had insisted on sitting outside of his sister’s home as he was tired of being cooped up inside. It was a warm day and his desire was to get fresh air into his lungs while it was a good day and time to do so.

So a neighbor had carried him out to the porch with some help from his sister. They set him up in a chair on the porch, and was left there to enjoy the day. Across the road, a very short distance away, several farm workers were laboring within easy earshot of Owen. Certainly if someone had approached him where he sat on the porch, somebody would have seen something.

Nobody saw a thing.

As the hours passed his sister looked outside to see darkening skies, meaning a bad storm was approaching. She stepped out to let her brother know that it was going to be time to go inside due to the weather. However, the chair he had been sitting on was empty rocking silently in the breeze. Her brother who could not walk himself was nowhere to be seen. Knowing that he could not have moved anywhere by himself, she asked the farm workers if they had seen someone come get him, but none of them had.

Panicking, the sister enlisted the help of the farm workers and neighbors to search the area. It wasn’t possible that Owen would have left on his own, so it seemed he would be easily found.

Impossibly, they never found a trace of the crippled man.

Over time, neighbors passed along tales about what had happened to him, including that he’d been taken by the devil or that pirates carried him off in order to get him to tell the location of buried treasure.

Owen’s incredible disappearance was never solved and became a popular piece of local lore.

The story had faded over time becoming nothing more than a myth, however it became local news again in 1813, when some routine construction in Shepton Mallet unearthed a human skeleton. Everybody jumped to the conclusion that it must be Owen’s remains, and theories were put forward as to how Owen’s body had come to such an undignified end. The medical community nipped the gossip in the bud, however, when it stated that the skeleton was that of a young female. Another episode of construction in the area in 1933 shed no new light on Owen’s fate.

He remains one of southwest England’s most intriguing mysteries.



Please feel free to post your thoughts on these cases. Input is taken into consideration when we start conducting investigations in to unusual and paranormal events both current and historical information is present each and every time. Please enjoy this post and comment with your thoughts.


The Bennington Triangle

The Bennington Triangle

The “Bennington Triangle” a name coined by New England author Joseph A. Citro during a public radio broadcast in the early 1990’s. Bennington, Vermont was a place that seems to have had several unexplained disappearances. Between 1945 and 1950 there have been several mysterious disappearances, none have not actually been solved either. The triangle includes Bennington, Woodford, Shaftsbury and Somerset. Although the actual places included are not completely clear from historical records. Glastonbury which is a neighboring township of Somerset were both once moderately thriving logging and industrial towns but later declined in the late 19th century are now considered to be basically ghost towns and unincorporated by the act of state legislature in 1937.

I have included these disappearances here:


The first disappearance happened in 1945, November 12th when Middie Rivers, 74, disappeared while out hunting. Rivers was working with a group of four other people, hunters, whom she was giving a guided tour. On the way back Rivers had gotten ahead of the rest of the group and was never seen again. Rivers was an experienced hunter and fisherman who was very well versed in the local wooded areas as a result. An extensive search was conducted and the only evidence was single rifle casing found in a stream. There was some speculation the cartridge fell from his pocket when he bent over the water. This disappearance happened in the Long Trail Road area Vermont Route 9.  This has not been solved to this day.


Eighteen year old Paula Weldon disappeared one year after the first disappearance on December 1st, 1946. She was a sophomore at the Local Bennington College. She decided to go out for a hike on the Long trail, near where the previous disappearance victim had also vanished. Many also hiking on the trail, including Ernest Whitman, who was Bennington Banner employee who happened to give her directions. She was supposed to be seen by an elderly couple who were about 100 years or 91 meters behind her. From their eye witness testimony she turned a corner in the trail, however, when they had reached the same corner she was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t until she didn’t return to her college an extensive search was conducted which also included a substantial reward of the time of $5,000.00. It even included assistance from the FBI, this however yielded no results or evidence of her. There had be some speculation that she has moved to Canada with a boyfriend or might have become a recluse living in the deep mountain woods, though no evidence to support this was ever found.


In December on the first of the month in 1949 exactly three years after Miss Paula Welden vanished, Mr. James Tedford vanished from a crowded bus. Tedford was on his way back to Bennington after a short trip to relatives in St. Albans, Vermont. He was an ex-soldier who lived in home for former Soldiers in Bennington. He was sitting on this bus with 14 other people. They all seem to say that they saw him sitting in his seat at the stop just before Bennington, however when the bus reached its destination he was nowhere to be seen. His belongings was still in luggage rack and the bus timetable remained on his now empty bus seat. Tedford was never found or heard from again.


The fourth person to disappear was an eight-year-old Paul Jepson. On October 12th of 1950 young Jepson had accompanied his mother in a truck. She had left her son while she fed some pigs. His mother was gone for and estimated hour. When she returned her son was nowhere to be seen. There were some search parties set up to locate the child. Nothing was ever found, though Paul was last seen a bright red jacket so he would have been very visible to everyone if he was in the area. Some stories of this event was a group of bloodhounds tracked the scent of the boy to a local highway, where, just four years earlier Miss Paula Welden had disappeared.


The final disappearance occurred only sixteen days after young Jepson’s disappearance. On October 28th of the same year, Frieda Langer, 53, and her cousin Herbert Elsner left their family campsite near the Somerset Reservoir to go on a hike. During the hike Miss Langer slipped and fell into a stream. She told her cousin if he would wait, she would go back to the campsite and change her clothes then catch up with him again. However, when she didn’t return he made his way back to the campsite and found that Langer had not returned and that nobody near the camp had seen her since they had left. There were five search done in two weeks involving aircraft (helicopters) and up to 300 searchers. No trace of the woman was found.

Of all the people who disappearances she is the only one that had been found. On May 12th, 1951 her body was found the Reservoir in Somerset, in an area that had been very extensively search seven months earlier. Because of the long time the body had been exposed to the elements, no cause of death was ever determined.

Langer was the last person to disappear. No direct connections have been identified that tie these cases together – other than general locational area and the time period as well the mysteriousness of the disappearances.


Please feel free to post your thoughts on these cases. Input is taken into consideration when we start conducting investigations in to unusual and paranormal events both current and historical information is present each and every time. Please enjoy this post and comment with your thoughts.

This Abandoned Girl Scout Camp In A New York State Park Is Like Something From A Horror Film

This Abandoned Girl Scout Camp In A New York State Park Is Like Something From A Horror Film


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