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A thought about Spirits

A thought about Spirits

This post comes from a fan named Sarah. She is sharing a rather cool thought about what spirits are and who they can be understood. I hope you enjoy it I loved her info and I have included it in its orginal form. Please enjoy.


Spirits: Human, Animal, Insect

Ghosts: Spirits, Psychic Residue, External (Outside) Force, Human Emotional Energy

Psychic Residue: A traumatic event that leaves aspychic impression on physical objects, homes or people. Can create disruptions in electromagnetic and electrostatic feilds and/or emotional and biometric fields, causing visual and auditory hallucinations, and sometimes even physical effects.

Human Emotional Energy: Emotional energy can create alterations in physical objects, causing them to move or break. SOmetimes something as simple as knocking sounds, thermal changes and doors opening and closing. Usually caused by those with latent PK (Psycho-Kenesis) abilities. Generally called a “Poltergeists” or noisy ghosts in German.

External/Outside Force: This is generally caused by something from another dimension or realm acting upon our own, usually through some kind of portal or gateway, allowing energies and perhaps even entities to comethorugh for a time, thus affecting our physical and spiritual realms. These are rare.

Spirits: True hauntings done by those who have died, but not yet crossed-over to the “other side” or outer spirit realm. Also known as “Earth-Bound” spirits, these can be anything from a human to animals and/or insects.

Despite what many religions say, the spirits of the dead don’t automatically go to what they call Heaven or Hell. Many end up sticking around a while, either because they are lost and don’t know where to go, don’t know they are dead, or have some unfinished business. Some stick around just to be playful and simply want to have a laugh by scaring people. Some want to help those they left behind, and some simply want revenge for something that happened to them. Either while they were alive, or for how they died, or even something that happened soon after their death. Angels, Demons, etc., are all just spirits of those who have died.

The Spirit Realm is vast and has many different layers to it, each one a different dimension of sorts. As many imaginations as people have had throughout their existence, so too are there dimensions of the spirit realm. Some are as wonderous as the most beautiful paintings or cg art, while others are just as hellish as your worst nightmares. Some are just simply there, as boring as life itself can be, or even moreso.

However, just as in the physical realm, there are also predators and prey. Spirits of those who hunt will prey upon the souls of the weaker spirits. Just as the fox with the rabbit, or the lion with the lamb, or even the bird with the insect.

Despite what some think, it is the spirit that is immortal, not the soul. The soul is simply a matrix allowing information to be passed between the physical and the spiritual bodies, also allows the spirit to be anchored to the body. Just as you can lose memories, so too can you lose pieces of your soul. These can be “eaten” by others, allowing them to become stronger, and thus hold more energy, allowing them to affect minds, emotions and even physical objects for short bursts. The soul is just as mallable as any frail gossamer (spider’s web).

This is why some people will have a feeling of walking through a spider’s web when entering a haunted place. It’s soul energy keeping an area charged with spiritual energy, allowing the ghost to continuously feed and keeping it strong. It also uses it to feed off the energies of humans, especially their fear, anger or despair.

Their main goal is, of course, to re-enter the physical world. Some out of sheer hunger, or some because of lusts unfulfilled. Some, of course, out of vengeance against a wrong (or percieved wrong) that had been done to them or to someone they cared about.


Again I think this is an awesome way of looking at the world. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have. Thank you please share and comment below.


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