Stating MY OPINION here

I posted this one a news article that someone posted and I am posting it here and several other places. I am tired of being silent My voice will be heard. If you Don’t Like it please ignore it because Frankly I don’t Give a Damn….

I don’t normally say things on these kinds of posts because It tends to cause problems for me. But here goes.
1. We as humans are a race that fights no matter the reason. Its in our breeding, our nature, and honestly the core of our being.
2. While i feel this way I know there are a select group of people in this human world who don’t what or need fighting.
3. If those of us who didn’t want fight or anything could become political leaders our world would be a much better place.
4. If we could learn to get along with everyone and remain in our groups instead of trying to spread out in ways we should not then our world would be better for it. I am not saying we can’t all be friends nor should not be friends but staying in our own groups instead of going to other groups would be better.
Again I Don’t respond to things like this but Today I decided i can’t remain silent any longer. We need to start speaking our minds about the SHIT that our world has become that every little thing leads to war or some kind of dispute. Despite it being our nature to fight I still believe that we as humans can move past what has been our nature for so long and move to a much better and bright world.
War solves nothing and just leave everyone hurt and sad and broken. We need to end the fighting and stick to more reasonable means to solve problems.
This doesn’t mean that we don’t need to defend ourselves but that doesn’t mean that kill each other over such idiotic shit that we leave so many broken over it.

We may have Political leaders now that makes hate and want to kill but honestly is that the true answer. I many be naive because I have never killed anything in my whole live and Yes I am a pacifist but that doesn’t mean that If i had to fight and kill I wouldn’t do it, on the contrary I would if I had no other options.

If we are going to go to war don’t do over something so stupid And truly know the enemy that you must face and KILL. Because in war there is no choices its kill or be killed. People who have never fought in a war would not know that, and while I have never fought in one either I am not stupid enough to think that war is the only answer to problem.

That all being said If i had to fight there is only one Enemy we as a country should be fighting that is Muslims. THey want us dead and make secret of that fact. IF we fight Lets fight for our Freedom from their Hateful ways and their hateful intentions. They hate us because their cult teachings say that we are INFIDELS and need to be cleansed from the planet. They are our enemy. Let come what may for the elections but Lets fight our true enemy.

You may not agree but You don’t have too at least I know where I stand.

As Storm to Logan in the first X-men, “At Least I have Chosen A side” Now is the time to choose yours.

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