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What a boring day

At the store #Walmart and totally bored. Tried calling the taxi and they are as busy as walmart is. This stinks I hate crowds if wasn’t for wanting to see if I could go to school I would have gone during the morning time.

I am trying to try the taxi again #1:27 pm

Taxi coming about 2:10-2:15 on before they get here.

Wow so just today I have wished I was in bed like 15 Times. The kids at the store either kill my poor ears or scare the crap out of me.

People wonder why I hate to go to town during the day…..Gee I wonder:evil::?😐😥

Well that’s my day. How us yours?

Oh and by the way I started @ 1:32 AM😨

Spooky Visitor

Spooky Visitor

I was about 22 years old and living in my first apartment. Now this place was created from a motel in a historic building. Anyway I moved in and at first had no issues. I love it since it was split studio with my bedroom in the back part of the apartment and my living room and kitchen in the front. I have to say I loved the place and had it not been for the issues with the heat and the problems with them converting the building to condos I might have lived there much longer. Wow, sorry off track there…LOL…..Moving on
One night about two weeks after moving in I had a knock on the door. Thinking it was my boyfriend/fiancée at the time I went to answer it. I looked through the peephole and saw someone standing there who was dressed like my fiancée so of course I opened the door. Shockingly as soon as I opened my door no one was there. So I closed the door and went back to work on making homemade chili.
Then there is a knock at my door again I again went to the door and looked through the peephole again and again I saw someone standing there. I opened the door again. And again the door step was empty. This was starting to really piss me off because I was trying to cook dinner for me that night and interruptions was making that task very difficult. I closed the door and locked it. This door has a deadbolt lock which can’t be moved easily and set back to work on finishing what I was doing. I heard the knock again and because I was so frustrated I yelled out, “What?!” as I stared at the door but didn’t open it.
To my shock, the door that was dead bolted shut opened by itself and I could hear footsteps on the tile floor of my kitchen. I stood still as the steps came right up to me and then I could smell the breath of something that was long dead and rotting flesh.
“Get out!” I cried with a shaking voice. “This isn’t your home. I live here.” I moved away from where I was standing.
The door didn’t move and I didn’t hear the footsteps. I was really scared but I was worried that it was trying to be intimidating to me. Now keep in mind that this was before we knew about the issue with heating in the apartment so I was just worrying about my home which I call my haven.
“Please leave this is my home,” I said in a bit more stable voice. “I didn’t invite you into my room. Please return to your room and let me be.” The footsteps made a quick retreat back out my door. The door slowly closed and relocked. I stood there for a bit and was very shocked by the whole experience.

Fighting Ghosts in the Woods

Fighting Ghosts in the Woods

The story happened when I was around 17 or 18 years old and was in a small community that was outside an even smaller community. We have our own these old buildings about 20 miles outside of town with not used to have a family friend that lived in it, however he passed away. At first there was nothing wrong with property was a well-known property in fact despite being in the middle of nowhere but we’re always told that we were not allowed to go on the property. “We” being the kids of our local town. But there were a lot of rumors that went around about the place being haunted I never put our whole lot of stock in those rumors because from the seeing was believing. It’s at this point that I need to also let you know about one other thing I am a practicing Wicca, meaning that I practice spells and potions and such to help with healing and also protection. Now that doesn’t mean that’s either some dark magic practitioner because that’s not what I am but it I worked more on the lighter side of magic. Anyway that goes completely off topic and a totally different subject as well so moving on.

My friends and I, probably about 4or 5 people, it’s difficult for me to remember, were all looking for some adventure and we walked into the property despite being told we shouldn’t be there, being told we weren’t supposed to be there didn’t mean exactly that we listened to our told even with no trespassing signs showing us that we were not welcomed there. But we went anyway and that would be the biggest mistake that we made in our entire lives.

We came in from a side street, more like a dirt road the same thing, and walked in from the back side of the property. This took us through a very heavily wooded area that while it was heavily wooded trees were sparse so we were tripping over her tree limbs or anything like that. I, for some reason, will was in the lead and led most of the way. Now I had begun to have a very bad feeling about this little adventure of ours but everyone was so ecstatic to be able to do this that I caved in ignored my instincts. This ignoring my instincts was going to be a decision that I would regret for the rest of my life, I still regret it to this day.

Since there were as of kind of strange number of people with us we split into three groups to groups of two and one person by themselves. No I was not the one by myself thank God for that. I was teamed up with one of my boyfriends at the time can’t remember which one he was a usable for a good time and my other friend was teamed up with her boyfriend and then the odd man out was teamed up by himself . So we went off in three different directions my friend and her boyfriend took the woods and was going to explore that area. The odd man, who actually was a girl, decided to explore one of the creeks nearby on the property. And then there was me and my boyfriend we were the lucky few that got to explore the only building on the entire property.

Little more background information here on this house, this house was a single story house that had two bedrooms and no bathroom. There is an outhouse outback that they use very old-fashioned now keeping all that in mind what I’m about to tell you next is scary as hell.

I started to walk up to the back of the house which was the only way to get into how the front door porch had broken to the point that you can walk on it safely. So I’m stepping into the back porch which would lead up into a kitchen, following the kitchen you go into the living room dining room area and then you take a left and you’ll find the bedrooms that’s it is all that’s in the house. There’s also a basement which my boyfriend went down to explore here so there wasn’t much down there just some bugs and dirt. I am the other hand started to explore the kitchen, not the never watched a horror flick or scary movie then this would probably freak you out a lot more than a freak me.

When I walked into the kitchen there was counter to my left and on the calendar were a butcher’s knife and some other typical kitchen tools and the entire counter even dripping down to the floor was saturated in blood, I bullshit you not, the floor was sticky obviously considering the fact that there was blood on the floor. But that didn’t stop me from walking in to the room farther and farther and farther, I went all the way into the house and I found the living room/dining room area where I found written on the wall in some unknown language a bunch of words and a symbol now assemble being the fact that I practice Wicca was very familiar to me it was a pentacle but instead of a star in the center it was a goat head. Now I’m sure your Creep-o-meter as already started ringing like jingle bells on a sleigh horse, however, being the idiot that I am, at the time, I don’t listen to my instincts telling me that I need to give the hell out of there. No, I continue moving forward by the symbols and various other types of symbols are all over the walls in this house and I am still am not listening to my instincts as I walked down the hallway towards the bedrooms as I look in each bedroom I find that they’re perfectly normal no symbols nothing out of the ordinary which I was thankful for in some unusual way. Then they get to a door at the end of the hall, as I stated earlier there is only two bedrooms in this entire house and there’s no bathroom, I open the door and in the room is a bathroom, is your creep-O-meter  ringing any louder yet, while mine should have done but I was listening. I walked into the bathroom and at first it looks at your ordinary rundown bathroom, the sink is of course broken in laying in pieces on the ground, the toilet is also broken in several places and its pieces are laying on the ground. And then there is the cast iron claw foot tub and it’s full of dark looking liquid. Now my instincts are screaming that I need to get the hell out of there I’m still not listening. I walk up to the tub. I touched the surface of the liquid. It feels cool like cold water on a summers day which is weird because it was a hot summer’s day so the water should not have been cool to say the least. When I looked at the tips of my fingers where I had touched the liquid I noticed my fingers were stained red. Now any normal person would’ve seen this as a signal to get the hell out of that house and yet I was so curious that I stupidly tried to touch the water again this time a bloodsoaked hands came up and grabbed her wrist.

Suddenly, just after this hand touched by wrist I felt a hand on my shoulder and was spun around to find my boyfriend looking at me with complete worry in his face and his eyes. He asked me what was wrong I tell them what had just happened he said that he had never stepped foot inside the house in fact I had never stepped foot inside the house and looked down at the wrist where I was touched and there was a small faint bruise it looked like a hand on my wrist. I then turned and looked at my boyfriend and told him we need to get the hell out of here and yes those were my exact words.

As we were getting away from the building are their friends come running up to us and we noticed that something was chasing them little dark spirits, if you don’t know what a dark spirit is it is a negative spirit that is very evil and cannot only hurts you physically but mentally as well. And my friends were being chased by these guys or something that looked like guys. I immediately cast a quick protection spell around my friends to protect them from these evil beings and banished them the best I could. Believe me these dark spirits are not easy to banish and it is not easy for an amateur magic practitioner to do this and survive. It drains me considerably but I still thought as best as I could to protect my friends so that I could get them home safely as well as myself. By some unknown real miracle we made it out of the forest and to her car in a matter of seconds after we noticed that they were there as we are driving away we notice these little dark figures leering at us from the forest almost hungrily. I have yet to go back to a forest or even that house since then and personally, I don’t ever want to return to that place as far as I’m concerned the whole place could burn to the ground that would be the only other way that you could purify the ground but it would need a lot more than just a burning it would need a serious cleansing. Which is not something powerful enough to do.