Driving Home with A Demon

Driving Home with A Demon

When my daughter was about eight or nine years old we started having some issues with our local church and so I decided to go to a different church. Our town is in the small community of farmers and so we don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to churches and I have decided that I was going to go to this Assembly of God church. Now, I have to tell you that I am actually a Southern Baptist and had it not been for the fact that I was having these issues are church I would never have gone to the church. But a friend of mine son was pastor at the church so if I would be a good place to go while I was there the people bear started speaking in tongue and it really frankly creeps me out maybe feel really uncomfortable. So I decided to leave but I couldn’t at first because someone was laying in front of the doors because their back was hurting and they were waiting to be healed. Finally I was able to leave and I headed straight to my car without checking the seats which was a habit I have always done. So I’m driving home, and I should warn you also got mine a home is out in the middle of the country as does a good hour drive to my house.

So anyway I’m driving home and I happen the kind of look over my passenger seat for some reason and there in my passenger seat  was the demon. I can’t explain why I knew it was the demon or how I knew that I just knew. And it was a frightening experience, and this carried on for nearly half of my ride home as I got closer to my house I was getting fearful of bringing this thing home with me and my daughter. So I started to turn around and head back to town glanced over and noticed he wasn’t in the seat anymore. I breathed a small sigh of relief now keep in mind periodically throughout the entire half way trip whole he was flashing in and out of being in the that seat. So I sat at the intersection that I’d stopped out and waited a few minutes and the car came up behind me where their headlights of course flashed into my car and he never came back so finally started heading home and was able to make it all away home without having to worry about this demon following me home.

A few months ago I found out from my daughter that she had a weird experience out that same church where she was sitting in the church listening to the sermon and all of a sudden she couldn’t understand anything that was being said, she said that it sounded like a day were seeking some strange language. And then she got this overwhelming fear and just had to leave the room. One of the aides that were helping her adjust to the new church was sitting next to her and noticed her start cry she was the one who had taken her out of the room. When the pastor asked her why she was so afraid and why she started crying and why she left the sermon she said she was afraid I couldn’t tell many more. She also told me that this happened when she was around eight or nine years old shortly after my experience. We’ve often wondered if there was something more to the story about the church that meant the eyes. In the years since those incidences they have torn that church down and honestly don’t know if they have rebuilt the church but I hope they haven’t.

I hope I never see the creepy demon again I am thankful that it never touched my child.


Calling for Stories

Calling for Stories


Hey there you all….I am putting out a call for all kinds of stories. I would like offer to tell your story of the paranormal, haunting, or anything scary. I will audio record them and publish on here, as well as on my YouTube channel called Are you Afraid of the Dark? Named after an TV show that was on Nick TV Channel years ago.

Also will tell only abnormal stories. Now these stories have to be true and you must have permission to have it published.

Also you must no give out private info, if you need help with name changes tell me so and I will change the names in the stories.

New stories will published every week on Saturdays. Submissions will be taken every day. New ones selected for the week published or scheduled for what ever week they will be published.

YouTube videos are posted once a week as well and on Saturday.

Following is the rules of what is not Allowed:

No Rape (where you are the rapist)

No Illegal stories (stories where you are doing illegal acts, Not sure ask and I will let you know)

No Racist, Anti- anything type stories (No judgemental type stories)

Other wise I will post most all stories. Please send me a message.

The Haunted High School Spirt

The Haunted High School Spirt

A little background here first:

I grew up in a very small community, a rule area that only had one school.  The school that I went to was divided into three sections, the first section was the own original portion of the building which is nearly over 100 years old, section 2 was the junior high section or middle school, and the third section was the new edition built for the elementary.  In the center of the original portion was a two-story auditorium from the second floor you could walk into the audience section there were also a few windows on the second floor that looked into the auditorium.

My story begins when I was in high school, grade 10, I was playing in a play for her school, and we had regular play practices which were held in the auditorium at school after school. Sometimes these play practices would last a long time well after dark. On the nights that I had play practice I would leave my schoolbooks and my coat in my locker that was on the second floor and pick them up after the practice. And I usually told the teacher that I would let her know when I came down from getting my stuff out of locker. On this particular occasion however I did not tell her that and I was just about to step on the second floor when all the lights in the schooling when I’ll save for emergency lights. I called back down into the auditorium, “Hey, I’m still up here could you turn the lights back on!?”

I, of course, gotten no response, sighing heavily I kept going figuring I could get out with no problem. This is where I was wrong. As soon as they stepped into the hallway that held the lockers the doors to the lockers opened all by themselves, but keep in mind that these lockers are locked by a built in lock so it was impossible for anyone to just open the door without entering the combination. Also keep in mind that the hallway that I was in had no windows that face the exterior of the building so, that means that there was no way that wind could have been the culprit for opening the lockers. Now it is possible that somebody was playing a prank on me and was using invisible thread to open lockers again you have to be able to know the combination to open the locks. In addition to the fact that I was the only one on the floor and it was nighttime there was no light besides that of the emergency lights.

I should also mention here that our school was the notorious  for haunted stories so I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who’s experienced weird things happening in our school. Although I know nobody is ever come forward with these stories but I do know that they’ve happened other people because and there is no way that someone else had never experienced the same weird events that I have. Now I also want to point out that I did not know that other people were having these experiences until years and years later.

Back to my story after the lockers opened up I pause in my steps they said, “I’m just getting a few things out of my locker is that okay?” To my abject horror to lockers at the same time shut with a resounding bang. “I promise to leave quickly may get my things for my locker?” Again to lockers closed simultaneously. “You know that schools not in session, it’s after school hours that means I can go home now, right?” This time one locker closed which I took to mean that it was it was okay I go home. “May I get my things and leave?” One locker closed. “Thank you.” I then started moving forward all the while I did begin to feel very uncomfortable knowing full well that I was not alone in this dark hallway.

I finished getting all of my books, my backpack, and may close as I closed my locker. I then proceeded to walk back down the hallway towards the stairs which would lead me to the first floor; by the way there are no elevators in our schools. When I reached the end of the hallway just before the stairs I turned and gave the small bowel and said, “Thank you for allowing me to get my things. I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you again soon. Goodbye.” I turned to leave, and just as I took one step down the stairs all of the remaining lockers that were open resoundingly slammed shut. That was the only incentive I needed to book it down the stairs and out of the building in less than a minute I kid you not. After about I never left my school books or my coat in my locker when I have played for this or any events at the school because I was not going to meet that spirit again, this is that the say that I didn’t start having a little bit more respect for our teachers, custodians, and pretty much any other authority figure in our school. The reason being for that was because I didn’t want them haunting me in the future.

Creepy spirit from our school I hope we don’t meet again.


Hello my name is Honor Hawk River. I am a 30 year old person. I am neither male nor am I female. I am just a person who wishes post information that can helpful to you. If at any time you have questions please feel free to contact me with the questions via the comments section. Now I am not claiming to know everything but i have done years of research and read a lot so believe me when I say can answer nearly any question I am posed.

Now that being said I am not above saying I don’t know the answer but I also will try everything I can to find the answer first. I also can’t answer philosophical questions like, “What is the meaning of life?” I don’t think anyone can answer that and be correct. I will do what I can to answer many different questions.

This is the first time I have written this kind of thing so please forgive me if my grammar stinks or if I misspell a word because I am not perfect. I also am asking in advance that people not dog on me if you don’t like the information I present here. I do try to remain as unbiased as possible but everyone has opinions about something so please keep that in mind when reading this. Please kind to others as they share their views as well.

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